Religious Activism and Political Change; Political Activism and Religious Change

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Virtual Graduate Student Conference

Whether characterized by a peaceable coexistence or an acrimonious contention, the relationship between religion and politics in the United States has been intimate from the nation's founding. At times religious groups have blessed soldiers as they marched off to war, while at other times they have prophetically denounced our nation's involvement in such violence. In return, the political groups have constricted religious practices to protect vulnerable populations, while they have also provided greater protection for corporations to claim religious exemptions from perceived government imposition. Throughout U.S. history, activism in the religious or political sphere has worked to shape and reshape the other--sometimes for better outcomes and sometimes for worse. Join us as graduate students from around the country present interesting, informative, and creative papers from a variety of disciplines that explore this relationship between activism and change in the religious and political spheres. Additionally, we will hear responses to the graduate students' papers from featured respondents, including Dan McKanan (Harvard Divinity School), Erick Berralleza, S.J. (Santa Clara University), Ken Himes, O.F.M. (Boston College), and more. 

Date: February 26, 2022

Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm

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