Blasphemy Ink: The Danish Mohammed Cartoons and their Fallout

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John McCoy
McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College

Date: April 3, 2007

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This talk will examine the controversy over the Danish cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammed and contextualize them in the larger tradition of religious themes in cartoons.

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John McCoy

John McCoy is the Information and Collections Specialist at the McMullen Museum of Art at Boston College, where he helps to plan, organize, and design exhibitions, as well as maintain the Permanent Collection records, and design exhibition catalog and the museum's website. He has also been a designer for the Web and print since 1995, and illustrating and cartooning since forever. He holds a BA in fine art from Earlham College, an M.A. in art history from Boston University, and an M.A. in creative writing, also from Boston University. In his many other lives, John has taught creative writing and composition to college students; taught programming and cartooning to middle school students; performed in an improvisational comedy troup; and forgotten how to play the trombone.

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