Student Debate on Gambling

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Joshua Darr, Boston College (A&S '09)
Tim Mooney, Boston College (A&S '09)
Kacey Seawell, Boston College (LSOE '09), moderator

Date: November 8, 2007

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The event was presented by the Student Advisory Panel of the Boisi Center Student Advisory Panel.


BC undergrads Joshua Darr and Tim Mooney squared off in a debate about gambling in Massachusetts (and the USA in general).  In four rounds of debates and rebuttals, Darr and Mooney argued for/against four propositions:

(1) Gambling is an economic boon to the states that legalize it.

(2) Gambling generates net benefits for indian tribes who operate casinos.

(3) Gambling is a morally and theologically permisable activity.

(4) Gambling's effects on society at large are, on the whole, not detrimental.

Event Photos

Boisi event

From Left to Right: Mooney, Kasey Seawell & Darr

Boisi event

Kasey Seawell

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Josh Darr

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Tim Mooney

Event Recap

Over the course of the semester, the Boisi Center’s Student Advisory Panel (SAP) met frequently to discuss developments in politics and religion and to help the Center promote its events in these areas. In a terrific event related to the Center’s conference on gambling, the SAP organized and hosted a debate on the question: “Is gambling good for Massachusetts?”  SAP members Tim Mooney (A&S ’09) and Joshua Darr (A&S ’09) squared off in a spirited debate moderated by SAP member Kacey Seawell (LSOE ’09). The audience voted on the resolution before and after the debate, revealing a small but significant shift toward the affirmative position. The event was a great success, and we hope to have other student-sponsored events in coming semesters.