Discussions About Race in the Classroom: Creating Constructive Conversations

Image of raised hands in various skin colors

Session II in our Faculty Seminar Series on Discussions About Race in the Classroom

Co-sponsored with the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

Elizabeth Antus, Theology Department, Boston College
Gregory Fried, Philosophy Department, Boston College
ConvenerRuth Langer, Center for Christian-Jewish Learning and Theology Department, Boston College

Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Time: 4 - 5pm

headshot of Elizabeth Antus

Elizabeth Antus is an assistant professor of the practice in the theology department at Boston College. She is a Catholic systematic theologian writing about theological anthropology in relation to the topics of mental health, feminism, sexual violence, and disability. Among other projects, she is currently working on a book promoting a constructive Christian theological account of proper self-love entitled Steady My Soul: An Augustinian Feminist Account of Self-Love.

headshot of Gregory Fried

Gregory Fried has taught at the University of Chicago, Boston University, California State University Los Angeles, and Suffolk University. He teaches and publishes in political philosophy, with a particular interest in responses to challenges to liberal democracy and the rise of ethno-nationalism. He also works in philosophy of law, especially law and hermeneutics; philosophy and race; practical ethics, including just war theory; public philosophy; the history of ethics; Ancient philosophy; and 20th century Continental philosophy, especially Heidegger.