Discussions About Race in the Classroom: Cultivating Helpful Dynamics

Image of raised hands in various skin colors

Session I in our Faculty Seminar Series on Discussions About Race in the Classroom

Co-sponsored with the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

Marina McCoy, Philosophy Department, Boston College
Meghan Sweeney, PULSE and Theology Department, Boston College
ConvenerMark Massa, S.J., Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life, Boston College

Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Time: 4 - 5pm

headshot of Marina McCoy

Marina McCoy is a specialist in ancient Greek philosophy, with interest in Platonic rhetoric, the sophists, and Plato's literary form.  She is on the executive board of the Ancient Philosophy Society.  Professor McCoy has also worked on the philosophy of vulnerability and trauma and has an interest in philosophy of incarceration.  She also teaches in the PULSE (Personal and Social Responsibility) service learning program and volunteers at a men's correctional facility.

headshot of Meghan Sweeney

Meghan T. Sweeney, associate professor of the practice of theology, joined the Boston College faculty in 2006 to teach in the PULSE Program for Service Learning. In June, 2014 she became the program's Cooney Family Director. Active in parish ministry as an Episcopal priest, Meghan has been a hospital chaplain, campus minister, and has volunteered in a variety of community organizations.