Please read the statement below and use the google form link to sign your name which will be added to this webpage to show your concern and support.

Add Your Name to the Statement

Solidarity Statement

As members of the Boston College community committed to the Ignatian vision of being men and women for others and in light of the firm belief that the common good is to be shared by all, we stand in solidarity in light of events occurring in our country today. In particular, we the undersigned: 

  • Demand justice for the brutal killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many others

  • Affirm the clear ethical truth that Black Lives Matter

  • Condemn the weaponizing of the Bible and church buildings by the President on June 1 and 2 

  • Protest the unconstitutional use and threat of military action against citizens of the United States engaged in lawful assembly

  • Call on our leaders to embody by their actions and words a civil respect for all people

  • Pray that our country may be safe for all, in particular for those who have lived in fear for too long because we have not attended to injustices against them.

Michael Davidson, S.J.
Director, Thea Bowman AHANA
Intercultural Center

James F. Keenan, S.J.
Canisius Professor,
Director, Jesuit Institute

Mark Massa, S.J.
Director, Boisi Center for
Religion and American Public Life

List of Signatures


Susan Richard
Administrative Assistant, Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life, MSLA '22

Yonder Gillihan
Associate Professor / Theology

Elizabeth Graver
Professor of English

Marilynn Johnson
Professor of History

Sara Moorman
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM
Associate Professor of Theology

Erik Owens
Director, International Studies Program; Associate Professor of the Practice, Theology Department

Richard Clifford, S.J.
Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies

Jason Downer SJ

Fr. Isaac-El Fernandes

Brian Strassburger, S.J.

Barton Geger SJ
Research Scholar

Gustavo Morello SJ
Associate Professor, Sociology Department

James M. Weiss
Director, Capstone Senior Seminar Program

Catherine Cornille

Richard Lennan
Professor of Systematic Theology, School of Theology and Ministry

Jane E Regan
Associate Professor, School of Theology and Ministry

Thomas Groome
Prof. Theology and Religious Education, Boston College

Maureen Renehan

Mary Crane
Professor of English

Laura Tanner

Daniel N. Gustafson, S.J.

Ruth Langer, Rabbi
Professor of Jewish Studies, Theology Department, Interim Director, Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

Lynne Anderson
Director, English Language Learning, English Department

Kate Jackson-Meyer
Part-time Faculty, Theology Department

Franklin T. Harkins
Associate Professor of Historical Theology

Michael Boughton, SJ
Rector, Faber Jesuit Community

Maria Lockheardt
Boston College

Tom Crea
Professor of Social Work

Lauren Gillet

Andrew Boyce
PhD Candidate, Duke University

Alexandra Savinkina

Alejandro Olayo-Méndez, S.J.
Assistant Professor, Boston College School of Social Work

Alison Wawrzynek
Boston College GPSP, Class of 2014

Alexandria Burk

Samantha Teixeira
Assistant Professor School of Social Work

Carrie Ruh

Jordan Farrar

Micaela Lasser
Graduate Student - Biology

Daniel Tagoe

Crystal Tiala
Associate Professor, Boston College

Stacy Nguyen
PhD candidate, Biology Department

Aidan O'Neill
Class of 2023

Denice Koljonen

Won Ha
Head, Social Work Library

Matthew Orlando
Assistant Director, Field Education - School of Social Work

Tony Tran
Assistant Professor, Communication Dept.

Tony Cunningham

Michelle Marchesi
CANLab Research Assistant in Psychology and Neuroscience Department

Christine Caswell
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Communication

Alissa Avilov

Daniel Riehs

Daniel M Callahan
Assistant Professor, Department of Music

Dan Kirschner
Professor Emeritus

Erin Corcoran
MCAS ‘21

Wesley Stewart
University Advancement

Andrea Heberlein
Dept of Psychology

Anneliese Gergen
MCAS 2021

Nathaniel Rieger
Postdoctoral Researcher, Psychology and Neuroscience

Betty Blythe
Professor of Social Work

Ryan McManus

Ellen Winner
Professor, Dept of Psychology

Joshua Hartshorne
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

Katherine Wrisley Shelby
Part-Time Faculty in Theology, Perspectives Program

Julie-Anne Whitney
Administrator, Theatre Department

Tate Krasner

Margaret Lombe

Rachel Duquette

Ximena Soto
Assistant Director Latinx Leadership Initiative

Mercedes Hoyos

Thomas O. Lee

Kevin J. Mahoney Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Boston College School of Social Work

Jennifer Butler
Librarian, Theology and Ministry Library

Fred Lawrence
Professor, Boston College

Margaret Critch
Boston College Libraries

Aurelia Campbell
Associate Professor, Art History

Eric Surat
Theology and Ministry Library Evening Supervisor

Paola Sanchez

Mary Jo Iozzio
Professor of Moral Theology, BC School of Theology and Ministry

John Marvin Sipp
University of Chicago Divinity School

Liane Young
Associate professor

Amanda Rodriguez

Yakob Kebede

Christina Garcia Busa

Daniel Bowles
Assistant Professor of German

Juleisy Tejada
CSON '21

Victoria Garcia
Assistant Director/Intersections

Susan Simone Kang
Director, International Programs, BC Law School

Kathy Ortiz
Admin Assistant

Rossanna Contreras-Godfrey
Director, LTL

Emma Butler-VanderLinden

Daniel Daly
Associate Professor of Moral Theology, STM

Christine Olson Schwartz

Maria Lozada

Bill Clerico
CEO, WePay

Josiah Gonzales
HRIT Analyst

Tomeu Estelrich
Director, Center for Ignatian Spirituality

Emily Morel

Lisa Kessler
Adjunct Faculty

Ali Banuazizi
Professor of Political Science

Annie Donohue

Maria Zuniga

Nancy Netzer
Professor of Art History and Inaugural Robert L and Judith T Winston Director of McMullen Museum, Boston College

Rebecca Korn

Rocio Calvo
Associate Professor/School of Social Work

Isaac Akers
BC alumni

Tracy Downing
Admin Asst./English Department

Lisa Cuklanz
Professor of Communication

Leon Hounsa, SJ

Theresa O'Keefe
Associate Professor of the Practice, School of Theology and Ministry

Benjamin Acosta
Lab Technician

Abby McLaughlin
Graduate student

Francine Cardman
School of Theology and Ministry

Silvio Alaimo

Janine Worthley
WJST/BC Alumni

Danielle Rinaldi

Samra Hernandez
Boston College '22 Student

Molly Cahill
MCAS ‘20

Mitchell Lavoie
Alumni '20

Stephen Saville

Maria Guzman

Angela Chen
Alum, Class of 2020

Mary Noal

Vinou Val

David M. DiPasquale
Assistant Professor of the Practice

Kate Mahoney

Jake McNeill

Ellen Gerst

Nikhil Neelagaru

Kiran Khosla

Elizabeth Dreyer

Stencia Bastien

Alicia Oh

Melissa Fitzpatrick

Madeline Bald

Czar A. Sepe
MCAS ‘21

James White-White
Dining Services

Luke Murphy
Class of 2020

Daniel P. Horan, OFM
Duns Scotus Chair of Spirituality, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago (BC '16 PhD)

Sera Stotelmyre
Class of 2020

Caterine Lucero
Alumni Class 2018

Megi Maci

Joseph Manning
MCAS 2014 & Law 2021

Jasmine Xiao

Jamie Kim
MCAS '22

Russell Griffith Stark-Ennis
Actor, Class of 2014

Jonathan Sepulveda
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student

Lawrence Zhang
Orientation Leader

Frank DiRenno
Alumni '15

Devaun Bovell

Syenna Mashmasarmi
MCAS, Class of 2022

Greg Williams

Gabriela Prostko

Erick Berrelleza, S.J.
Visiting Scholar, Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Megan Reynolds
Boston College GPSP, Class of 2020

Samuel Harmon
MCAS ‘21

Xavier Montecel
Doctoral Candidate, Theology

Grace Marino
Class of 2020

Nicole Reibe

Maura Early

Rachel Hoyle

Kara Rendzia Williams
School of Social work, adjunct

Ellen Romer Niemiec
STM '15

Veronica Martins

Amanda L’Esperance

Elizabeth Moukit

Andrew Prevot
Associate Professor of Theology, Boston College

Hannah Cormier
Class of 2020

Siddhi Krishna
Boston College Class of 2020 (PhD, Department of Mathematics)

Pamela Berger

Grace Lau

Araisy Guerrero

Mansi Shah

Chelsea Wallace
STM ‘12 and GSSW ‘15

Gabriel Vasquez Rosado

Rachel Bheecham

Dielle Lundberg

Grace Neary

Katherine Montas

Lubens Benjamin
BC Student

Madeleine Hughes
Alumni, 2020

David A. Deese

Kendall Reid
BC '79, H'18, Member, Board of Trustees

Chuck Colbert

Kristina L. Moore

Valeria Gutierrez

Kathy Crippen

Joseph Miller
STM M.A. '10

So Yun Chang

Teresa Schirmer

Joseph Twiner
MTS 2020

Nancy Joyce
McMullen Museum Docent

Gus Hardy

Grace Chandra

Jacob Kelleher

Cynthia Figueroa
Director, Annual Giving

Chantal Arias

Daniel Cowuillette
J. Donald Monan S.J., Professor

Katja Teichmann
MCAS 2020

Alberto Cabrera Rivera

Boyoung Kim

Christopher Vogt
GSAS PhD ‘02

Laura Hake
Associate Professor

Katherine Kimball
PhD Student, Historical Theology

Fr. Brahma

Darren Herlihy
Media Technology Services

Kate Ratliff

Susan Persch Spruce
MTS 2014

Hallie Douglas
STM ‘20

Maureen Van Neste
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Law School

Katherine Nowicki
Alumni class of 2012

Anton Aguila
MCAS ‘21

Brent Fernandez
STM 2011

Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah

Mary Michael Leahy
STM 2017

Ray Miller

Shaylonda Barton
Internal Grants Manager/Center for Centers

Jane Kent Gionfriddo
Professor Emerita

Hans de Wit
Director Center for International Higher Education

Evangeline Sarda
Associate Clinical Law Professor

David Goodman
Associate Dean

Laura O’Dwyer
Professor, Boston College

Lauri Johnson
Associate Professor and Chair, Dept of Ed Leadership and Higher Education

Mark Potter
Chair, Religious Studies at Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

Gerardo Blanco
Center for International Higher Education

Jackie Dalley
Assoc. Professor of the Practice, Dept. of Theatre

Robert Murphy
Assistant Chair, Economics Department; Faculty Athletics Representative

Philip Altbach
Research Professor

Caroline Kelly

Penny Hauser-Cram
Professor (Emerita)

Michael Frank

Maureen Kenny

Tanji Reed Marshall, PhD
Co-Chair, Membership and Engagement, AHANA Alumni Advisory Council

Rachel Lee
Class of 2022

Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Cawthorne Professor of Teacher Education, Lynch School of education and Human Development, Boston College

Anyenda Inyagwa

Orlinka Kereere

Cindy Nguyen

Ingrid Michelsen Hillinger
Professor of Law

Ray Madoff

Deoksoon Kim
Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Akim St. Omer
AHANA Alumni Advisory Council Communications and Marketing Committee Co-Chair

Meghan Bennett

Lauren Bennett

Janet Kolodner
Professor of the Practice, Lynch School, BC

Dennis Shirley
Duganne Faculty Fellow and Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Katherine McCabe
Boston College ‘22

Grace Agolia

Jack Engelmann
Morrissey 2022

Jordan Bradford
Law School Technology Consultant, GMCAS `2017, GCSOM `2023

Karen Arnold
Associate Professor of Education

Alyssa Marques

Leon Ratz
College of Arts and Sciences, 2011

Natana J. DeLong-Bas
Associate Professor of the Practice, Theology Department and Islamic Civilization and Societies Program

Tara Beckwith

Mary Walsh
Daniel Kearns Professor LSOEHD

Meaghan Philbin

Briana Ferreira
Nursing Graduate

Michael Schreiner

Ben Twohig

Madeline Price

Conevery Valencius
Professor of History

Margaret Guider, OSF
Department Chair, Ecclesiastical Faculty - STM

Robert J. Daly, S.J.
Prof. Emeritus of Theology

Burt Howell
Executive Director, Intersections

Eli McCarthy

Leonard Gordon

Gibran Boyce
Boston College alum

Viet Le

Bill Reynolds

Shu-Yi Oei
Professor of Law, Boston College Law School

Susan Rutkowski
Pastoral Minister, social justice, The Paulist Center

Fang Lu

Gregory Sharkey SJ
Director, BC Nepal Program

Matthias von Davier
Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Susan Bruce

Irene Porro
Director, Moon Landing in Context

Rev. Jean Marchant
Co-pastor, The Spirit of Life Catholic Community

Isabella Guanche

Emma McDonald

Vincent Cho
Associate Professor, Lynch School

Jane Cassidy
Assistant Professor, Studio Art

Valerie Avila

Victoria Perez

Jasmine Kim

Deloshene Sittambalam

Noah Jussila
BC ‘20

Caroline Benjamin

Mary Kathleen Cahill
MCAS Class of 2017

Dennis Sardella
Founding Director, Boston College Presidential Scholars Program

Margaret Mary Moore
Director, Theology & Life Institute, Inc.

Siobhan Kelly
Class of 2015

Michelle Kang
BC 2018

Scott Jelinek, MD MPH
BC class of 2010

Gabrielle Oliveira

Charles Power

Erin K Fleck
Alumni, Class of 2002

Mattie Mouton-Johnston

Kenneth R. Himes, O.F.M.
Professor, Theology Department

Maria Gutierrez
Current Student

Bailey Spencer

Lisa Sowle Cahill
Monan Professor of Theology, Boston College

Megan Schuler
CSOM, Class of 2017, MSW, Class of 2021

Sydney Apple
MCAS '19

Jean Baptiste Diatta
Boston College

Jessica Calandra

Jasmine Kim

Joseph Baron
MCAS ‘13

Jeremy V. Cruz
Associate Professor, Theological Ethics, St. John's University

Nyia McCree

Heather Olins
Assistant Professor of the Practice

Andrew Davis
School of Theology and Ministry

David Burgess
Professor, Department of Biology

Grace Christenson

Jeffrey DaCosta
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Biology

Austin Williams
Philosophy PhD Student

Heather Hayes
Boston College Law School

Victoria Hogan

Margaret Briand Wolfe
Systems Librarian

Thomas N. Seyfried

Mara Hermano
VP, Institutional Research and Planning

Anne B McSweeney

Samantha Falkowski

Kara O'Sullivan
Assistant Director, Continuing Education, School of Theology and Ministry

Jacqueline Sly

Greg Adelsberger

Paul Hiles
Admin Asst

Carol Anne Marchetti
Clinical Associate Professor, CSON

Minna Ha

Bill Dahlberg
Technology Consultant, Lynch School

Kathleen Monahan
Boston College Libraries

Erin McLaughlin

Monica O'Reilly-Jacob, PhD, FNP
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Grace Neilson

Stewart M. Bond
Clinical Associate Professor, Connell School of Nursing

Maureen Ritchey
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

Jeanie Foley-Kass
Assistant Director Simulation Center BC School of Nursing

Pamela Grace
Associate Professor (Ret)

Benjamin Varieur

Eileen McLaughlin
BC Alumnae

Holly VandeWall
Associate Professor of the Practice, Philosophy

Cathleen Casillo

Karen Lyons
Associate Professor

Holly Pomraning

Julianne Smith
Associate Director, Career Education

Kelly Hughes
Campus Minister

Michael Noone
Professor & Chair, Music Department, Boston College

Christopher Polt
Assistant Professor, Classical Studies

Ellana Lawrence
CSOM ‘22

Colleen Olphert

Emily Schatz

Andrew Klopstein
Assistant Director for Off-Campus Student Living, Boston College

Maureen Connolly
Clinical Instructor

Evey Satterfield

Beth Burns
HR Manager Aux

Angela Boatman
Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Lucy Rubenstein
Class of 2023

Emily Derleth

Juan Miguel Espinoza
MDiv Student, School of Theology & Ministry

Alexandra Visconti

Collin Quigley
MCAS '20

Conor Kelly
PhD '15

Sharon Sprague

Filippa Marullo Anzalone
Professor/Associate Dean for Library and Technology Services, Law School

Amelia Martin

Katherine Nowicki

Suzanne Ridge

Laurie Shepard
Romance Languages and Literatures

Katherine Keating

Sarah Riggleman

Joan Shear
Legal Information Librarian, Boston College Law Library

Ashley Hayes

Min Song
Professor of English

Kerry Simpson
Class of 2020

Kaitlin McCarthy
Class of 2021

Julianna Fenton

Maria Meyer
BC BSN 2019, BC MSN 2020

Zachary Barker
Boston College Class of 2019

Alessandra Colia
MSW 2009

Howard Singer
Associate Director Undergraduate Admission

Laurel E. Davis
Legal Information Librarian & Lecturer in Law

Diana Dinkel
Class of 2019

Sharon L. Beckman
Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Boston College Innocence Program

Emily Libby
Assistant Dean, Law School

Julie Gagnon
Administrative Assistant, Marketing Department, CSOM

Catharine Wells
Professor of Law

Andrew Bailey

Caitlin McNamara

Jeff Gallant

Sarah Hood

Lauren Bernier
Undergraduate Student

Samuel Brown
Class of 2020

Kate Sweeney
Dietitian - BC Dining and Health Promotion

Patricia McCoy
Professor of Law

Mark E. Gammon, MDiv, PhD

Irene Mizrahi
Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Michael Colivas

Cole Tamburri

Jane Fountain
BC Class of 2019

Marisol Godinez Reyes
Communications and Events Specialist, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Defne Surujon

Juliet Blasetti
MCAS '19

Lorenzo Leo
UGBC Senator, Class of 2023

Javairia Munnerlyn

Sophia Hoang

Jhevauni James

Shawn D. McShay
Assistant Dean, Graduate Enrollment Management, Boston College Law School

Lindsey Kelly

Clare Walsh, mhsh

Janet Hehir
Administrative Assistant

Eileen Wang

Joe Halli

Ryan Polischuk

Grace Kim
MCAS ‘22

Amanda Miles
M.A. '13, Lynch School of Education

Karen Breda

Samantha Dyckman
Graduate Student in the Biology Department

Natalie Dalla Riva

Bella Glissendorf
Undergrad class of 2021

Lauren Honig
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Ruthanne Ryan
Senior Graphic Designer, International Study Center

Bijoy Shah

Thomas Flanagan

Dan Scheid
PhD Theology 2008

Peter Cochrane
Technology Manager / Career Center

Sara Janecko Milone
M.Div. '09

Amy Gately

Dominika Sieruta

Gerard Menna

Euna Lee
Class of 2020

Morgan Smith
Boston College Student

Jessica Joy

Erin Sibley
Director, Office for Research Protections

Alexander Ronan
Morrissey College, Class of 2021

Amy Delaney
PhD student, William F Connell School of Nursing

Malia Burden

Carly Lindsay

Caitlyn Duehren McIntire

Michael Lank
Carroll School of Management ‘15, School of Social Work ‘21, School of Theology and Ministry ‘21

David Karp
Professor Emeritus

Judith Talvacchia
Part Time Faculty, School of Theology and Ministry

C. Shawn McGuffey

Lara Ericson
STM '17

Benjamin Key

Molly Hodan

Jonathan Skule
MCAS ‘21

Margaret Cetrullo

Theodore O’Brien

Laura Santangelo White
Clinical Assistant Professor

Liam Walsh

Emily Aarons

Arshdeep Singh
Class of 2021

Lynda Musilwa

Kevin Reardon
BC ‘18

Katherine Michalik
2016 alumn

Kory Elizabeth Darling

Salome Miclette
Assistant Director, Career Education

Zillie Theodorou Bhuju
BC alumnus: BA 1996, MSW/MBA 2002

Matthew DeMerlis

John Winslow
M. Div., STM ‘15

Mariah Belisle

Kayla Pelland
Assistant Director, Career Education

Olivia Tobin

Diana Cabrejos Arauco

Drew Hooke
Alumni, Woods College MSLA

Kelton Beal
Class of 2016

Rachel Greenberg
Director, Career Education & Strategy

Myra Ackerman

Sean Dunphy

Cal Brokamp
Manager, Auxiliary Services

Sherry Ellis
Field Advisor School of Social Work

Carmen Chu

Jennifer Perrigo
Assistant Dean, Career Services, Law School

Kat Kmetz

Mary E. Grenchus

Maureen Kelly

Maria Terzulli

Zachary Hahn-Du Pont
Boston College student

Alexandra Levine

Margaret Polk

Sarah O’Connell

Christy Leung
CSON ‘22

Audrey Davis

Jessica Sexton

Marie Clouqueur

Joseph Du Pont
Associate Vice President, Career Services

Morenike Eastman
Assistant Director, Career Center

Fallon Stapleton

Michelle Antonio

Georgia Greene
BC student

Shane King

Kaylie Ramirez
Alumna, Class of 2020

Tyler Baum

Alexandra Steigmeyer

Amy Howard

Mollie Clark
Class of 2020

Kurt Straif
Visiting Professor

Hartmut Austen
Assistant Professor, Studio Art

Brian Gonsalves
Social Work Department

Austin Mays
MCAS 2021

Abbie Lynch

Meredith Hood

Alec Hartman
MDiv Class of 2020

Susan Farrrell
TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

Russell Petrus
Co-Director, FutureChurch; STM ‘08

Irza Torres-Lozano

Joely Centracchio
Class of 2020

Elizabeth Rosselot
Boston College Law School

Stephanie Chamberlain

Linda Reams
Support staff

Mary O’Boyle

Nora Sheehan

Amrita Sooklal

Nicole Seo

Alexis Hamel

Sarah Wilson

Laurel Garg

Kristen Marques
Class of 1995

Ligita Ryliskyte
Visiting Scholar, Theology Department

Megan Oberst

Devin Hoffman

Abel Yohannes

Maggie Bowlby
LSOE ‘13 ‘14

Carter Smith

Michelle Ann Kelley
School of Theology and Ministry, ‘10 Director of Campus Ministry,

Tom Santa Mari

Rachel Newhall

Kayla Lucas

John Salvati

Pam Weissman, LICSW
Advisor, Boston College School of Social Work

Maria Tavierne
2020 alumni

Ally Lardner
Class of 2021

Jonathan Krones

Gabrielle Witham

Salvatore Cipriano
Assistant Director, Career Education

Paula Grealish
Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Johnson CSJ
Distinguished Professor of Theology, Fordham University

Paula Gendreau
STM Crossroads facilitator

Elizabeth Bagnani

Jenna Tonn
Visiting Assistant Professor of Science and Technology Studies

Jack Capello

Indu Warrier
Postdoctoral researcher

Maureen Shea
O'Neill Library

Maureen Bailey
BC Alumna and Employee

Giuseppina Russo Sullivan
Alumna / Network Services

David Lewis
BC ITS Web Admin

Meredith Horan
Class of 2017

Elizabeth Rhodes
Professor, BC

David Ayers
Assistant Director, Communications & Course Information

Christopher Kelly

Ashley Arthur
MTS, ‘19

David Northrup
Emeritus Professor of history

Iliya Yanachkov
Business Systems Analyst

Marika Cerbone
Academic Records Specialist Office of Student Services

Kyle Rosenthal
Student, CSOM '21

Elissa A. Krasner
Student Services Associate

Whitney Hoyle
Associate Registrar

Kathleen Flaherty

Flynn Fernandes
Alumnus, School of Theology and Ministry

Lisa Perri

Joe Johnson

Ayana Wallace

Joshua Snyder
Director of the Faith, Peace, and Justice Minor

Henry Dieckhaus
MCAS 2020

Richard E. Ahl
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Audrey Kang

Gabrielle Chau

Rigobert Noel

Caroline Calderwood

Victoria Zobrist
MTS '11

Isaac Goldstein
Academic Advisor, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Heather Stacchi
Class of 1996 and University Advancement

Alizay Abid

Shirley Lin

Paulina Karabelas

Joshua Bocher
Communications & Course Information Specialist

Gerald J. Beyer, Ph.D.
Alumnus, Doctoral Program in Theology

Kathy Rohn

Jocelina De Pina

Christopher J. Grillo
Associate Dean, Finance and Administration, CSON

Natalie Panico
Graduate Student

Marianne Coates

Brian Murphy

Sue Fehser

Alyssa Trejo

Torrey Mandigo

Ashley Burt

Jackie Geller

Jorge Mejia
MCAS '19

Annarose Jowenson
Graduate Schools of Theology & Ministry and Social Work, Class of 2022

Alex Maples
Teacher - Catholic high school

Gregory Quinn Welsh

Erin Ballengee

Samuel Kim
MCAS ‘20

Isabelle Franz

Jackie Bai
Class of 2017

Katie Davin

Jimmy McCarron
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Abby Keating

Natalie Sheehan Dias, LICSW
BC Advisor, School of Social Work

Christopher A. Richard, BSN, RN
Nurse Manager, former Boston College student

Sageene Francis

Scott D. Easton
Associate Prof., Social Work; Chair (Mental Health); Co-director (Trauma Initiative)

Mary Elliot
Assistant Director, Lonergan Institute

Nicholas Martel
Video Operations & Production Supervisor, Media Technology Services, Class of 2008

Michelle Bishop-Dorsey
University Advancement

Matthew Becue

Erin Sheedy
MCAS Class of 2022

Catherine Hoff

Theo Benzmiller

Annabel Hodson-Walker

Carter Smith

Andrew Zeppa

Ingu Hwang
KF Visiting Assistant Professor, International Studies Program and History

Victoria Antico
Class of 2016 and Class of 2017

Deven McCarthy

David Deese

Reed Piercey
Class of 2019

Jenna Brown
Student Account Specialist

Kelly Clark
MATM, 2020

Bonnie Waldron
Center for Human Rights and International Justice

John Walsh
Senior Creative Producer

Grace Koleczek
BC STM Alumna

Daniel Kanstroom
Professor of Law

Tiffany Lee

Jamie Bange

Andrea Catacora

Krista Roze
2020 Alum

Patrick Venanzi
BC ‘01

Terry Lynne Lepore

Diana Hanan
Doctoral Student, School of Nursing

Jessica Graf
Assistant Director for Residential Ministry

Rick Rossi
Pastoral Counselor, Campus Ministry

Robert Murray

Elizabeth Cunningham Hering
Assistant Director, Office of Field Placement & Partnership Outreach

Sebastian Cota

Haley Grieco-Page
Class of 2022

Andrew Grant
International Studies

Yara Forsberg
Undergraduate student

Ryan Borg

Melissa M. Kelley
Assoc. Professor of Pastoral Care & Counseling, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Karen Jarvis-Thorne
Office for Sponsored Programs

Mary Sweeney

Maxwell Passa
BC Law Student

Julia Natale

Mina Do

Margaret Kirchner

Emmanuel Clapsis

Ryan Littman-Quinn

Mary Pat Lee

Hannah Ianelli

Diane Elizabeth Balallo

Victoria McFadden

Amanda Fraga
Boston College '04

Kathleen Meserve

Dan Pacella

Vineeth Joseph

Lauren Elvrum

Daniel Ponsetto
Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center

Anika Fernandez-Sharma

Diana Wicks

Julia Barquin

Xin Shen

Andres Illanes

Giancarlo Morales

Jeff Bloechl

Robert Stanton
Associate Professor, English Department

Anjali Vats
Associate Professor, Communication and African and African Diaspora Studies

Sarah Babb

Robin Fleming
Professor, Department of History, BC

Eric Immel, SJ
Jesuit Scholastic, STM student

Timothy Breen, S.J.
Faber Jesuit Community

Katie Dalton
Director/Women's Center

Michael Lamanna SJ
Jesuit Scholastic

Richard Gaillardetz
Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology

Br. Ken Homan, SJ

Kenneth J. Hughes, SJ

Andrea Vicini, S.J.
Michael P. Walsh Professor of Bioethics, Theology Department

Charles Derber
Professor of Sociology

Joseph E.Weiss, S.J.

Sean Hagerty, S.J.

Kristin Heyer
Professor, Theological Ethics, Department of Theology

Sylvia Sellers-Garcia
Associate Professor, History

Christopher Matthews
Editor, New Testament Abstracts/Research Professor of New Testament - STM

Eileen Sweeney
Professor, Dept. of Philosophy

Michael VanZandt Collins
Boston College

Elizabeth H. Shlala
Assistant Dean & Professor of the Practice, Core Curriculum

Jason Donnelly

David W. Jorgensen
Asst. Editor of New Testament Abstracts & Asst. Research Professor of New Testament

Jennifer Bader
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Isabelle Jones

Joseph Costantino
Pastor, St. Ignatius Church

Michael Sennett
St. Ignatius Parish Staff

Mary Kate Hennelly

Sandra DiDonato
Graduate Student

Welkin Johnson
Professor & Chair of Biology

Hannah Yoon

Wen Fan

Allison Drozda

Sveta Emery
Associate Dean, Finance & Administration, School of Social Work

Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield
Professor of the Practice, BC

Dorothy Jones
Professor - Connell School of Nursing (faculty)

M. Elizabeth Cinquino, MSW
Director, Student Services & Advising, BC School of Social Work

Will Peters
Boston College GPSP

Anthony Russo
Assistant Dean, Graduate Enrollment Management, School of Theology and Ministry

Megan Welch

Jacquelyn James
Research Professor

Lazaro Alvelaez
Organization of Latin American Affairs

Caroline Bald

Emily Zona

Cindy Snell
School of Social Work

Ana M. Martinez-Aleman

Rosalie Samide

Sara Cordes
Associate Professor

Michael A. McDannald
Associate Professor Psychology & Neuroscience

Margaret Ryan
Principal Research Associate

Eric Folker

Stefano Anzellotti
Assistant Professor, Boston College

Mark Cichra

Liam Bergin

James Russell

Barnabé Hounguevou

Annamaria Costantini
Class of 2021

Molly Byrne
Lab Manager

Marcus Breen
Communication Department

Miguel Cerón Becerra

Madeleine Jones

Emily Buchanan

Andrea Pessolano

Jessica Johnson
Part-Time Faculty, School of Social Work

Bailey Mendel

Charles Hoffman
Professor of Biology

Emily Hayman
Director, Bard Early College Sequence Program

Rebecca Dunn

Michael Leonard

Aroub Yousuf

Colleen Murphy
Associate Director, University Advancement

Jeffrey von Arx, S.J.
Visting Professor, School of Theology and Ministry

Peter Marino
Director, Center for Centers

Jocelyn Figlock
ERC Evening Supervisor

Wanda Anderson

Cat Ruth-Coleman
Resource Acquisitions Assistant

Jessica Hinson-Williams
Instruction Services Librarian, O'Neill Library

Marie Pellissier

Paul Bridden
Boston College Libraries

Chris Strauber
Senior Research Librarian/Bibliographer

Andrea DeFusco

Octavio Brindis

Edelsa Mejia

James Kirwan

Ashley Craig
Art Technology Manager

Timothy Karcz
Assistant Director, BC Center for Human Rights & International Justice

Carolyn A. Romano, LICSW
Adjunct Faculty in the School of Social Work

Karina Kavanagh

Maya Shaughnessy

Adriana Bauza

Karen Dale
Boston College School of Social Work

Danielle Date

Natalie Blahunka

Clare O'Connor
Associate Professor of Biology Emerita

Marcela Norton
BC Staff and L@BC

Miguel Corzo

Sofia Farhadi

Danielle Lafferty

Jennie Purnell
Associate Professor of Political Science

Karen Aldana

Isabella Patino

Marcia Ryan
Associate Director of Supervised Ministry, Global and Community Engagement

Susan Shell
Professor/Political Science

Gail Hoffman
Associate Professor Classical Studies & Fine Arts

MJ Gubbels

Rita Rosenthal
Associate Professor of the Practice of Communication

Paul Christensen
Professor of the Practice

Michael Phung, SJ
Society of Jesus

Nicole Russo

David G. Hunter
Margaret O'Brien Flatley Chair of Catholic Theology

Boyd Taylor Coolman
Boston College

Thaddeus Ostrowski

Katherine McAuliffe
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Kelli Rodrigues
Class of 2022

Patricia Noonan

Karen Rosen
Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

McKenna Madden

Steve Dalton
Theology and Ministry Library

Phong Tran

Jose Estevez
BC class of 2015

Francisco Nieto

Kathy Wong
Class of 2017

Gustavo Monzon, SJ

Lucas Allen
Class of 2016

Eric Lim

Karl Bell
Associate Director, TRIO Student Support Services

Clara Ford

Barbara Quinn, RSCJ
Assoc. Director, Spiritual Formation - BC School of Theology and Ministry

Rachel Lee
A '17

Pimsiri Rojanaporn

Maggie Cahill

Mike Hollabaugh
International Student Advisor

Amarylis Valentin
Class of 2022

Rafidur Rafid

Brennan Harkin
Staff, Alumni ‘11 & ‘14

Victoria Pouille
BC '20

Kenji Hayao
Associate Professor, Political Science

Joseph Ezersky

Nicholas Denari
Mathematics Teacher, Cheverus High School

Sara Bernard-Hoverstad
Doctoral Student, Theological Ethics

Ramesh Richards SJ

Rachel Huh

Julie Canfield
Part-time faculty/School of Social Work

Jack Dunn
Associate Vice President University Communications

Julia DeSisto

Julia Kim

Ian Nifoussi

Alexandra Mills
Class of 2018

Leocadie Lushombo

Don Medor
MBA/MS Cybersecurity

Rachel Walker
Graduate Student

Elizabeth Antus
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Theology

Philip Endean SJ

Jennie Vilson

Anne Sears
Communication Department

Darnell Fils
MCAS 2022

Renee Croxen

Catherine Mooney
Associate Professor of Church History, School of Theology & Ministry

Andrew Sofer
Professor of English

Ann McClenahan
Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium

Tracy Michalski

Marcel Uwineza

Rachel Zhang
MCAS ‘23

Tabi Arrey
Campus Minister for Christian Service and S.T.M class of 2019

Anya Villatoro

Tyler Nguyen
MCAS ‘22

Abigail Murphy

Ashmini Weerakoon

Michael Reif

Frances Stearns

Anne C. McSweeney
MCAS 1979

Eliza Greiner

Ralf Gawlick
Boston College

Christen Hillenbrand

Shane Nardi-williams
2017 Alum, LICSW

Peter Folan, S.J.
Faculty, Georgetown University; Alumnus, BC, ‘13, ‘19

Patty Lee
WJST Alumni

Maria Aliberti

Natasha Murcia

Javier Soegaard
MDiv 2014

Yuting Jiang

Krista Chinchilla

Andrew Gertner Belfield
Ph.D. student, Theology

Andrew Vink
Ph.D. Candidate, Theology Department

Lauren Kim

Reid Linden

Melissa Scanlan
Visiting Professor of Law

John Christianson

Erica Papkee
Class of 2016 and 2019

Noella D'Souza

Avi Bauer
Law Library; Co-Chair, LGBT@BC

Katie Foley

Rayna Wang

Betsy Fountain
University Advancement

Zygmunt Plater
Professor, Boston College Law

Humza Ali
BC Class of 2018

Regine Michelle Jean-Charles
Associate Professor of French

Maria Angela Socorro S. Cruz
Part time faculty, Theology Dept.

Claire Donohue
Assistant Clinical Professor, Law

Maria Cimperman, RSCJ
GSAS PhD '03

Maggie Farrell

Emily Tyksinski (O’Brien)
Class of 2012

Simran Siddalingaiah

Laura E. Perrault
MCAS ‘21

Annika Rieger
Doctoral Student, Sociology

Kevin Xia

Kari Hong
Associate Professor

Rose-Marie Jungquist

Isabel Wibowo

William Riherd

Liesl Yamaguchi
Assistant Professor of French

Alexis Losse

Melodie Wyttenbach
Director Roche Center for Catholic Education

Mary Sarah Bilder
Founders Professor

Jacqueline Lerner
Professor LSOEHD

Walter J. Smith, S.J.

Belle Liang
Professor, Counseling, Developmental, & Educational Psychology

Oliver Wunsch
Assistant Professor, Art History

Donna DeRosa

Mary K. Sparicio

Tatiana Flis
Program Administrator, BC Arts Council

Jutta Batrenberg

Beth Casey
Research Professor and Professor Emeritus

Afua Laast
Alumni (LSOE '16, SSW '17)

Lawrence Busenbark
Boston College Libraries

Scott Toomey
Classroom Technology Support Specialist

Paul Kuczynski

Chris Higgins
Associate Professor, Department of Teaching, Curriculum, and Society

R. Michael Cassidy
Professor, Law School

Mary Lafferty
Administrative Assistant, O'Neill Library

Marissa Papula
Campus Minister for Kairos

Howard Kim

Tim Morrissey

Tony Penna
Director of Campus Ministry

Jamarii Johnson

Lyne Petit

Paul J. Schutz
BC ‘04, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Santa Clara University

Brett McLaughlin SJ

Thomas Wahhab

David Storey
Associate Professor of the Practice, Philosophy

Sheila Gallagher
Associate Professor, Art

Catherine Power

Grace Addy

Abby Lang

Dominic Doyle
Associate Professor, School of Theology and Ministry

Reuben Allik
Class of 2020

Benjamin Feibus

Rachel Dunlap

Elizabeth Sparks
Associate Dean of Graduate Student Services, Lynch School

Marisa Acevedo
Alumna (MCAS '18, SSW '20)

Shannon Feng

Christopher Reynolds

Krissy Maloney

Kassie Seavy
MCAS ‘19

Timothy Orwig, Ph.D.

Emma Hughes

Anna Petrocelli
Law Student, Fordham Law ‘22, Boston College ‘19

Yasmine Nousari

Luke Layden
Class of 2019

Mark Brown
STM 1997

Marjorie Sardella
Former Visiting Scholar BC Presidential Scholars Program

Elida Laski
Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Bryan Fleming
Office of Global Engagement

Paula M. Ruiz Gil

Brigid McKeon

Elizabeth Donnelly
Co-founder and Preacher Coordinator, Catholic Women Preach

Alicia Lee
MCAS 2021

R. Shep Melnick
O'Neill Professor of American Politics

Maureen O'Connell
PhD Theological Ethics '05, Associate Professor at La Salle University

Ana Salas

Senta Wang
CSON '20

Sarah Melton

Stafford Oliver

Daniel Cosacchi
STM, 2010; Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Marywood University (Scranton, PA)

Samuel Sanchez
Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Hana Kim

Juliana Maldonado

Brian Yoon

Alejandra Wright

Ashley Maldonado
Student, Class of 2021

Chantal Sanchez
BC '20

Cristiano Casalini
Associate Professor, Research Scholar

Amy Yancey
Vice President for Development

Karen Kiefer
Director, The Church in the 21st Century Center

Rosemary Barnhart
BSN, Class of 2020

Liam Dietrich

Channing Frick

Tiffany Brooks

Sarya Baladi

Régine Jean-Charles
Associate Professor of French

Andrew Skaras
MCAS Class of 2015

Michael Pomraning

Harry Shanmugam
CSOM ‘21

Joe Vitale
Associate Dean, Finance & Administration, Law School

Corrie Steeves, MD
BC Class of 1998

Javad Akbari
Grad student Biology

Chris Mellor
Boston College Class of 1999

Ismael Fofana
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Biology Department

Jenna Mu

Daniel Ulanovsky

Maura Colleary
Associate Dean, Finance and Administration, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Brian Soucek
A&S '98

Arturo Balaguer
Gabelli Presidential Scholar

Sean Uiterwyk, MD
Class of 96

Jon McGrath
Asst. Manager, ITS Training

Teige Sheehan
BC Presidential Scholar class of 1995

Bruce Dixon
Sustainability and Energy Specialist, Facilities Services, WCAS '20

Paul Davey
MCAS ‘15

Rachel Bird
Carroll School of Management staff, CGSOM ‘24

Katherine Wu
GPSP alumna, Class of 2008

Eric Dearing
Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Shannon Cook

Martin Summers

Emma Dalton

Jane Ashley

Rita Kincaid

Tracy Bienen
Senior Associate Director, Marketing Communications

Kylynn Barbero

Sarah Moore
DNP student

Stacey Barone
Clinical Professor, Connell School of Nursing

Rosemary Byrne
Clinical Instructor, CSON

Shaneil Nelson

Corinne Stazzone

Sarah English
Graduate nursing student

Julie MacEvoy

Cherlie Magny-Normilus
Research Scholar/Boston College-WF Connell School of Nursing

Arley Liberti

Daniela Urosa
BC Law

Maria Teresa (MT) Davila

Erin Desrocher

Dorean Behney Hurley

Kevin Newmark
Professor of French

Jennie Thomas
Associate Director, Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program

Melanie Mitchell

Patricia Lowe

Montana Woods

Jean Clark

Sherri St Pierre

Nicole Ng

Susan Shea
Associate Director, OISS

Rachel Simon

Adrienne Chiozzi
Human Resources

May Tadano

Sara Scialdone

Amy Boesky
Chair and Professor, Department of English

Matthew Williams
Assistant Director, MS in Applied Economics, Woods College

Meghan T. Sweeney
PULSE Program for Service Learning

Mary Cara Listro
CSON ‘21

Kevin J. Mahoney
Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work

Allison Reilly
Institutional Research & Planning; Co-Chair, LGBT@BC

Jane Kuphal
Nursing Student

Tamara Hyppolite
Student in Connell School of Nursing, Class of 2023

Jillian Mercer

Emily Wells

Natalie Repole

Cait Ross

Taleah Pierre-Louis

Amy Azevedo
RN, CCM, DNP Student

Caitlin Harty

Mark Brodin

Nicole Sly
LSOEHD, 2019 Alum

Dorothy Commons
Senior Career Advisor, Law School

Dillon Gardner
B.S. 2008

Mark Kleinschnittger
Manager, Recruitment & Operations

Alfred C. Yen
Professor of Law and Dean's Distinguished Scholar

Frank Herrmann, S.J.

Tiffany Bradford
Technology Consultant, ITS, BC STM '19, WCAS '21

Jill Cusick
MCAS ‘20

Leslie Moore

Ryan Kauper

Paul Tremblay
Clinical Professor, Law School

Kaitlyn Tuthill

Cristin Richard

Aiden Clarke
MCAS ‘19

Andrea Presper

Alexandra Ivanov

Cara Burke
Graduate Program Assistant, Theology Department. Parent 18' and 21'

Jinhee Park
Assistant Professor

Kayleen Italia

Sara Samir
Gabelli Presidential Scholar '21

Jeffrey Cohen
Assistant Professor, Law School

Sydney Currie

Colleen Brereton

Kelly Bellavance
Associate Director of Admission

Cheryl Bratt

Yande Lome

Daniel Chou
Assistant Director of Admissions, BC Law

Jennifer Behr
Adjunct Professor, Law School

Stuart Hobbs
Administrator at The Ohio State University

Lauryn Cadet

Elisabeth J. Medvedow

Chris Conway
BC PhD '15 Assistant Professor of Theology College of St. Benedict and St. John's University

Kate Frenette

Charise Rohm Nulsen
A&S Class of 1998

Serena Meyers

Kelsey Brogna
Associate Director, Alumni Class & School Engagement

Ryan Sugrue

Michael Considine

Daniel Kanstroom
Professor of Law

Brian Piccola
Class of 2020

Fr. Mark Mossa, S.J.
Alumnus '09; Director of Campus Ministry, St. Mary Student Parish

Alexandra Ng

Anne McCarthy
Senior Front-End Developer

Bradlie Morgan
MCAS '20

Yasmin Nuñez
Associate Dean, Finance & Admin (LSEHD)

Paul Boyce

M Colleen Simonelli
Associate Dean Undergraduate Program CSON

Young Joo Moon
Boston College Libraries

Luke Hurrell

Amirah Orozco
BA ‘19 MTS ‘21

Maura Butler

Jocelyn Gates
Senior Associate AD/SWA - Athletics

Mario A. Pita

Olivia Mills

Anderson Blaisdell

Christine Conroy
Associate University Librarian

Lily Dyer
Access Services Librarian, Law Library

Andrea Ponzone
Adjunct Professor of Canon Law

Steven Koo
Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Admission

Tom Wall
University Librarian

Paul Connolly
TIMSS & PIRLS Director of Publications and Graphics

Madeline Bowden

Bridget Manning
BC Alum ‘15

Micaela Partinico
Student at Boston College

Dorian Deen
BC Alum ‘15

Dana Connolly

Christopher Leong

Maya Trinka

James Luisi
M.Div. Class of 2018

Olivia Welsh

Jiin-Yu Chen
Director, Research Integrity and Postdoctoral Affairs

Jade Morris

Chiara Rabeno

Daniel Park

Olivia Christmann

Kassie Chen
Boston College student, Class of 2021

Abigail Paulson
Class of 2019

Daniel Huber
Class of 2021

Ryan Cassidy

Timothy Chapman

Becky Franckle
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Global Public Health & the Common Good

Maqui Bernava

Cara Annese

Megan Check

Megan Shanahan

Joshua Linnane

Corrine Jurgens
Associate Professor

Michael Riley
MCAS '17

Claire Wilson

Patrick Carpenter
Class of 2021

William Trammell

Elizabeth A. Donnelly
Past advisory board member, BC School of Theology and Ministry

Ethan Gomez
Class of 2020

Steven Simpson

Scott Pyzik

Isabella Johnston

Ryan Flanigan
Boston College Class of 2022

Anna Livaccari

Grace Fink

Jillian Pellegrini

Julianne Croes

Stephanie Salinas

Nanci Siegel
School of Social Work

Colleen Kelleher
CSON '22

Margaret Hagopian

Ellen Jones
BCGSSW field advisor

Elizabeth R McGonagle

Mr. Alex Capozziello

Kiah Coflin
Graduate Student

Rivera Oseguera
Previous SW student'20

Jiamin Gao

Angela Anderson

Ayo Adedeji

Nick Ackerman
Gabelli Presidential Scholar, Class of 2009

Sean McSweeney

Jenny Prag

Stevie Walker
MCAS ‘21

Arya Mahabadi

Megha Adya
JMAE 2021 Lead

Rachel Chung

Jia Xin Zeng

Sarah Engelberg-Nolan

Angelisse Feliciano

Nyia McCree

Tess Murphy
Alumni Class of 2019

Bernadette Conley
Director, HRIT

Madeline Cortes

Stephen Calme

Domenik Ackermann

Alexandra Katz

Karin Elliott
Faculty Adviser

Danielle Wells
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission

Gabriel Janer Kligerman
Student in the Class of 2022

Caz Novak
Graduate Assistant, Freshmen League

Amanda Proulx
STM, 2010

Aaron Okuley
STM ‘17

Gerald Mastellone

Haley Fritch

Douglas Girardot
Undergraduate, Class of 2021

Kathleen Garrity

Molly Funk

Rafat Quazi

Maggie Rong

Amanda Greco

Charles Bates
Master of Theological Studies, 2019

John Golebiewski
Editor, Shambhala Publications

Carli Brenner
Ecopledge activism chair

Beth Craft
Adjunct Professor

Esther Lee

Franny Hess
BC '20

Kevin Morris

Sandra Rolston Cabalu

John Shin

Eric Song

Emily Reimer-Barry
Associate Professor, THRS, University of San Diego (WJST ‘02)

Jesse Aguirre

Meridith Galang
Class of 2016

Elizabeth Wang

Sean O'Neil

Alex Gruber
STM 2020

Eriliza Guerrero
Assistant Director, Student Employment

Casey Roberts

Jill Larsen

Jodi Rich

Nicholas Parcharidis

Jennifer Joseph

Marguerite Droney

Shannon Tabor

Kristen Kraus
WJST M.Div '07

Lauren Burdge

Aubrey Baron

Sarah Bertschmann

Camille McCobb
Class of 2019, MSW ‘21

Lauren Anton

Therese Villa

David Chuba

John Kern

Brigitte Lawhorn
Doctoral Candidate

Elizabeth Sardella Rawlinson

Laura Stehler

Morgan Sorenson
Staff Psychologist/UCS

Kayte Hager
Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Admission

Michael Durkin

Taylor Costas
Class of 2012

Ryan Doyle
Medical Information Technology, Inc.

Meredith Hawkins
MCAS ‘20, SSW ‘23

Steven Koh
Marianne D. Short and Ray Skowyra Sesquicentennial Assistant Professor

Peter Hunt
Assistant Director, Career Education

Hannah Fatemi
Assistant Director, Career Education

Ryan Tahmaseb
MATM Student

Amy Brown
John J. Burns Library

Kirsten Davison

Linda Doucette-Rosa
Field Faculty School of Social Work

Dennis McGrath

Jasmine Mahoney
Resident Director

Jeena Hah
BC Alumnus '14

S. Kyle Johnson
PhD Candidate in Systematic Theology

Cecelia McDonald

Shannon Dinsmore

Lauren Minihane McGrath

Austin Bodetti
GPSP, Class of 2018

Bernadette Smith
Assistant Director, Residential Education

Angelica Fisichella
Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Michelle Widrick
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Peter K. Fay
Doctoral Candidate, Theological Ethics

Paula Perry
Undergraduate Assistant/Philosophy Department

Deborah Grondin

Julia Barrett
Programs & Event Administrator, Center for Centers

Kathryn Doan
Boston College Libraries

Meghan Peterson

Charlotte Henderson

Jenna Morin Buckley

Brandon Brito

Zoe Zabetian

Julia Nagle

Diego Burbano
BC '22, Service Associate at Student Services

Shannon Bligh

Darius Russell Kish

Grace Dietrich
Class of 2020

Matthew Konishi

Lauren Lipyanka
Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admission

Marsia Hill Kreaime
Associate Director, Graduate Financial Aid

Ronnie Farr
MCAS '20

Rochelle Rivera-Leal

Brenda Duane

Eden Dalton

Patrick Latham
Senior staff psychologist

Adamaris Perez

Anne Halli-Tierney, MD
Presidential Scholar, Class of 2002

Jennifer Cruz-Rincón
LSOE’20, MSW Class of 2021

Casey Nicastri

Joan Donahue

Mary S. McGranahan

Emma Mohlmann

Peter McCarthy

Alec Hartman
MDiv Class of 2020

Riya Thomas

Danielle Salina

Angelina Mazzei

Madeline Galligan

Miranda McDonald-Stahl

Ryan McGrogan

Michaela Ferraro

Kelsey French
Student at Boston College

Ryan McGrogan

Kyle Taylor

Nikki Pollard

Stephen P. Rugg
PhD Candidate, Boston College Theology Department

Alexis Rickmers

Amy Finn-Welch

Gautam Chopra
Part-time Faculty, Film

Damita Davis
Associate Director, OID

Ethan Sullivan
Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduates, Carroll School of Management

Deven McCarthy

Susannah Heschel
Eli M. Black Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College

Paola Chavez
Class of 2012

Luke Layden
Class of 2019

Anna Petti
Co-op coordinator, Language Learning Lab

Brian Ward
Former Boisi URF, BC ‘21

Marianne Tierney FitzGerald
BC Alum 2006, 2016

Amanda Garza

Kailey Lipka

Emma Kane

Sophia Hamdan

Grainne Dunne
Carroll School of Management MBA Candidate

Katie Davin

Andrea Qualman

Sacha Allen
MCAS '20

Katie Davin

Taylor Tinmouth
Boston College GPSP, Class of 2006

Patricia Delaney Gilbert
Senior Director University Communications

David Olson
Associate Professor

James P Bailey
Associate Professor/Duquesne University

Sarah Cable

Anna Krah
Class of 2018 and 2019

Krissy Italiano

Hannah Shea

Jill Hegarty

Caz Novan
Graduate Student- MATM/MSW

Natalie Spindler
Class of 2020

Emily Venanzi
BC ‘99

Judy Moore

Dulce Depina

Melanie Hall

Katie Lyle-Beshai

Meghan Clark
GSAS '09

Kathryn Davenel

Morgan Schade

Akosua Opokua-Achampong

Daniel Walsh

Catherine Scherer

Amanda Helfrich
Class of 2018

Taesung Kim

Chris Borghi
Director of Purchasing

Adam Hope

Fiona Sarvis

Emily Venanzi
BC ‘99

Pamela Henry

Maraki Russell

Hannah LeBeau

Julia Horchos

Delaney Coyne
MCAS 2023

Sara Axelrod

Chimbuoyim Geraldine Uzodimma

Emma Smirl

Nye Day

Anastasia Vu

Miladi Teo Najera

Fania Auguste

Maggie Burkhead
alumni, physician, MPH student

Michaela Sobrak-Seaton

Dennis O'Connor
St. Louis University (emeritus)

Sage Maconga

Isabelle Glander

Lucy Whitney

Sofia Balanay

Maria Alvarez
Pastoral Assistant

Madeline King

Molly Hardiman

Haley Nilsson

Andrew Hoffman


Eric Weiskott
Associate Professor of English

Stephen Pfohl
Professor of Sociology

Tara Pisani Gareau
Associate Prof. of the Practice, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Director, Environmental Studies

Juliet Schor
Professor of Sociology, Boston College

Michael Malec
Assoc. Prof. Sociology, emeritus

Matthew Donovan, S.J.

Stephen J Pope
Professor of Theological Ethics

Thomas D. Stegman, S.J.
Dean and Professor of New Testament, Boston College School of Theology & Ministry

M. Shawn Copeland ’91
Professor of Theology emerita

Kristin Peterson
Assistant Professor, Communication Dept, Boston College

José Dueño, S.J.

Eve Spangler
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Ángeles Picone
Assistant Professor of History (Boston College)

Brian J. Gareau
Associate Dean for the Core Curriculum, Associate Professor of Sociology & International Studies

John Makransky
Associate Professor of Comparative Theology

Jacqueline Regan
Associate Dean of Student Affairs/School of Theology and Ministry

Matthew Kruger
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Theology Department

John Baldovin, S. J.
Professor of Historical & Liturgical Theology, School of Theology & Ministry

María del Pilar Silveira
Visiting professor

Stephanie C. Edwards
Executive Director, Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium

R. Zachary Karanovich
PhD Student, Department of Theology

Betsy Milford
Sociology, MA

Angela Kim Harkins
Associate Professor of New Testament

Ashley Duggan
Associate Professor

Mark Benjamin
Media Technology

Monica Sanchez

Mike Serazio
Associate Professor of Communication

Margaret Scollan
Presidential Scholar, class of 2014

Franco Mormando
Professor, Boston College

Donald Fishman
Assistant Chair, Department of Communication

Jonathan Pike
Director of Development, Cypress Creek Renewables

Kieran Campbell

Sarah McMenamin
Assistant Professor, Boston College

Peter Cooke

Randy Sachs, SJ
Gonzaga Eastern Point Retreat House

Scott Gentile

Celeste Wells

M.Brinton Lykes
Professor, CDEP, BCLSEHD & Co-Director, CHRIJ

Cal J. Halvorsen
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Erin K Schaefer

Kevin White

Elizabeth Kensinger
Professor and Chairperson of Psychology and Neuroscience

Robert Cerise
Student (2022)

Reena Parikh
BC ‘06

Angie Johnston
Assistant Professor

Erin Bailey
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Sandry Garcia
Lab coordinator

Alethea Desrosiers

Jaclyn Ford
Research Assistant Professor

Atlas Anagnos
BC Class of ‘07

Liam Haffey

Samantha Beard
Program Assistant, Boston College Core Curriculum

Carole Flynn
recruiting, career center

Leena Rijhwani
MCAS '20

Christopher Kenaley

Samuel Sawyer, SJ
Executive Editor and Director of Digital Strategy, America Media / A&S '00, STM '14

Babak Momeni
Assistant Professor of Biology

Michael Bogese

Hosffman Ospino
Associate Professor, School of Theology and Ministry

Michael J. Naughton

O. Ernesto Valiente
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Katharine Journeay
Administrative Assistant, BCSSW

Dina Goodfriend
Administration and Graduate Programs, Biology

Dennis J. Wieboldt III
Morrissey College, Class of 2023

Gorica Petrovich
Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

Martha A. Morrison
Adjunct Lecturer Theology Department

Gerald Easter

Austin Kim

John Logan

Tiffeni Fontno
Head Librarian, Education Resource Center

Nicole Kubishta
Evening Access Services Assistant, O'Neill Library

Terra Kallemeyn
Electronic Resources Acquisitions Librarian

Michelle Elias Bloomer
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs Woods College of Advancing Studies

Susan Coleman
Assistant Dean, School of Social Work

Amy Braitsch
Head of Archives, Burns Library

Elaine Testa
Admin. Asst. to the VP, IR&P

Ileana Villalobos-Arcila

Jennifer Erickson
Associate Professor, Political Science & International Studies

Tim van Opijnen
Associate Professor of Microbial Systems Biology

Erica P. Meyer
Academic Advisor, Woods College of Advancing Studies

María Piñeros-Leaño
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Stephanie C. Leone
Professor and Chair, Art, Art History and Film Department

Amanda Napoli

Jose Rosario

Adrienne Nussbaum

Kathleen Bailey
Professor of the Practice, Boston College

Mariela Páez
Associate Professor

Kayla Potter
International Student Advisor, Office of International Students and Scholars

Josue Aguiluz

Kylie Rolincik
Adjunct Professor of Screenwriting and Film Studies

Kyrah Malika Daniels

Nancy Samya
Assistant Director, University Advancement

Kristen Rojas

Kenneth Craig
Associate Professor

Judith Mura

Ann E Lucas
Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology

Michael Hemak
Class of 2005

Claudia Trilleras

Donald A. MacMillan, SJ

Sarah Beckjord
Associate Professor

Meg Sheehan

Joseph P. Foley
A&S ‘62

Laura Lennon

Julia Wiersum

Natalie Borg

Emily Schwartz

Rebecca Redfield

Ryan Carney

Kathy Dunn
Associate Professor of Biology

Joe LaRocca
Film Department

Alexandra Sanderson

Hoon Choi
BC2000, Associate Professor of Theology, Bellarmine University

Nicolas Thompson-Lleras
OLAA Alumnus

Maggie Hennelly

Erin McHugh
Class of 2020

James Bernauer, S.J.
Professor Emeritus

Anthony Kim
AHANA+ Pre-Law Students Association

Juliette Duran

Ehri Ryu

Devianna Smith
Class of 2023

Hilary Nwainya
Doctoral Student/Theology Department

Alexis Santoro

John Wronski, SJ

Jackson Bowers
Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania

Jessica Coblentz
BC PhD '17; Assistant Professor of Religious Studies & Theology, Saint Mary's College (Notre Dame, IN)

Summer Hawkins
Associate Professor, Boston College School of Social Work

Christina Doctor

Richard Ross, S.J.

Steven Liu

Samantha Ricci

Paige Ebanks

Francesca Mancini

Stephanie DeAvila
Sr. HR Officer

Lizbeth Figueroa
MCAS 2022

Esther Povh

Margaret Felice
A&S '02, STM '12, Assistant Director Liturgy Arts Group

Stephen Miles, PhD
GSAS (Theology) '99

David Kiblinger, SJ

Jeffrey Cooley
Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible/Theology Department

Natalia Sarkisian
Associate Professor, Sociology

Maia Guelfi

Sora Lee

Thamar Jean Laurent

David Fu
Class of 2018

Erika Horback
MCAS 2020

Mariah Larwood
GPSP alumna, Class of 2018

Monica Orona
MCAS 2021

Andrew Logan
Boston College GPSP, Class of 2005

Cedric StPaul

Inés Philippi

Jonathan Sage
Audio & Event Tech Svcs. Supervisor, Media Technology Services

Peter Pinto

Alexis Teixeira
Class of 2017

Maria Pestana

Christine Kamp Cichello
Campus Minister-Christian Life Community

Adam Sankarsingh

Aleksandra Qilleri

Michael Dempsey

Cathleen Phelan

Beatriz de Souza Kauffmann

James Lubben
Professor Emeritus/School of Social Work

Ayebatonye Ikoli

Ryan Heffernan
Associate Director, Campus Ministry

Christopher Darcy
Associate Director, Office of Campus Ministry

Ashlynn Cottoy

Mary Troxell

Anne Kornahrens

Lesley Zhou

Maura Lester McSweeney
MCAS '17, BCSSW '22

Kady Piloto

Rani Dalgin
Research Services, ITS

Peter Clote

Rosemary McNamara, SU
MDiv 08

Joel Baskerville
Class of 1979

Barbara Gawlick
Boston College

Salem Gebrezgi

Anne Marie Romer

Mark Cooper
Professor of the Practice, Art, Art History, and Film Dept.

B. Kevin Brown
Alumnus (PhD 2018)

Stephanie Querzoli
Center for Centers

Kieran Harrington

Jaime Vidaurrazaga
PhD '07

Jack Joyce
1961 1970 H2016

Marcus Mescher
Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, Xavier University (MTS from BC STM in 2009, PhD from BC GSAS in 2013)

Guillermo Nunez

Kyle Turner
IREPM ‘02, Director of University Ministry, Regis University

Shannon Lee

Katherine Gold
Class of 2019

Madison O'Connor
MCAS 2021

Elizabeth Magill
Class of 2017

Jonathan Kirshner
Professor of Political Science and International Studies

John McDargh
Associate Professor Dept of Theology (retired)

Sandra Hebert
Associate Professor of the Practice

Robert Finn
CSOM 2022

Karleni Martinez

Verónica López Salgado

Russell Simons
Class of 2017

Ruby Cheuk Ying Leung

Susan Migliorisi

Diana Larsen

Assistant Director, McMullen Museum of Art

Vidisha Pandey

Amanda Angel
University Advancement

Catherine Larrabee
BC '16

Libbie Steiner
Class of 2017

Michael James
Director Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education

Amy Kyleen Lute
BC ‘09

Andrew Miller
Assistant Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Martin Scanlan
Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Robert VerEecke

Ted Brown, M.S.
Alumnus 81 Director La Salette House of Studies

Laurel Marshall

Charles Cownie
Director of Catholic Teacher Formation and Urban Catholic Teacher Corps

David Scanlon
Associate Professor of Special Education

Lisa Goodman
Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Kevin Lotery
Assistant Professor, Art History

Clare Margaret Ryan
Alum - Class of 2020

Amanda Madden

Kevin Ahern
GSAS PhD '13, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College

Regan McKinnon

Angel Lopez
Class of 2005

Patrick McQuillan
Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Kassandra Quinlan

Carly Anderson
Campus Minister, 4Boston

Heather Rowan-Kenyon
Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Mark Spiegel
Professor Law School

Jillian Hogan
Ph.D. Student, Department of Psychology

Diana Pullin
Professor Emerita

Claire Soupene
Graduate Student

Vaughn Williams
Senior Associate Athletic Director

Deborah Amponsah
LSOE ‘22

George Griener, S.J.
Professor Emeritus, Jesuit School of Theology

Michael D. Goodman, Jr.
Web, Social Media and Events Support Specialist / BC Class of '12

Quang D. Tran, S.J.

Eileen Corkery
Class of 2017

Kathryn Getek Soltis
Center for Peace and Justice Education, Villanova University

Martha Ligas
BC STM '16

James Morris
Professor, Dept. of Theology

David Miele
Associate Professor

Emily Egan
Campus Minister

Ryan Silva
Class of 2017

Scott Seider
Associate Professor/Lynch School of Education & Human Development

Brian Robinette
Associate Professor, Theology

Dean Hashimoto

Janice Farnham, RJM
Retired Professor, BC/STM

Lucy Methven
Class of 2016

Bailey Thompson

Anna Powers
MCAS ‘19

Nathaniel J. S. Brown
Associate Research Professor of Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment

Nathaniel Kenyon
Director, Marketing and Communications, Law

Donna Graham Stewartson BC'88
Director of Operations - Simmons University, Gwen Ifill College

Christian Dupont
Burns Librarian

Thomas C.Chiles
DeLuca Professor in Biology, Vice Provost for Research and Academic Planning

Angelo Jesus Canta
School of Theology and Ministry ‘20

Mary Kate Davidson

Sydney Moore

Jacqueline Delgado
Fiscal & Events Specialist, Center for Centers

Wan Tang
Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies

David Kocen

Cat Piper

Katie Day
M.Div. 2018

Leslie Douglas
Office Administrator, Communication Department

Michael Cerulli
Morrissey College, Class of 2021

Jim Mahalik

Leonard Strachan

Min Chul Cho

Lauren Foster

Ryan Bottary

Greer Muldowney
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Art, Art History & Film Department

Erin Lechter

Shannon Quinlan

Selina Guerra
Staff Psychologist/ BC Counseling Center

Priscill Alouidor

Cindy Córdova
Senior Assistant Director, Boston College Undergraduate Admission

Kayla Burt
Assistant Director, Admissions, School of Theology and Ministry

Megan Meredith

Annika Sison

Isabella De Palo Garcia Perez

Alexandra Pemueller

Mary Rose Fissinger

Tracy Regan

Christine Lorica
Gabelli Presidential Scholar, MCAS ‘17

Theresa Rager

Aleksandar (Sasha) Tomic
Associate Dean and Program Director, MS in Applied Economics, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Claudio Quintana
Boston College GPSP, Class of 2016

David Makransky
Presidential Scholar, Class of 2017

Kathleen Barnes
Family Medicine Physician, BC Alum, former Presidential Scholar

William Jaquiss Pyle
BC ‘20

Will Allmendinger
Boston College Libraries

Beatriz Martinez
Boston College Class of 2010

Leah DaCosta

Emrah Altindis
Assistant Professor, Biology Department

Avita Anand
Gabelli Presidential Scholar, Class of 2019

Allison Adair
Associate Professor of the Practice, English

Jacob McErlean

Hoa Bui
MCAS ‘21

Celso Javier Perez
Boston College, A&S, GPSP, 2009

Shannon MacDowell
ILL Assistant, Student

Noah Snyder
Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Amanda Heron Parsons

Lauren McCauslin
Director, Alumni Class & School Engagement

David Sardella

Philip J. Landrigan, MD
Program for Global Public Health & the Common Good

Jacob Ciafone

Ellie Warner-Rousseau

Vincent Rougeau
Dean, Law School

Diane Butera

Enid Karr
O'Neill Library

Brittney Gedeon
Class of 2022

Eshaume Wheeler

Judith A. Vessey
Lelia Holden Carroll Professor in Nursing

Neha Suneja

Susan Kelly-Weeder
Associate Dean for Graduate Program CSON

Rebecca Snapp
BC Connell School of Graduate Nursing

MaryBeth Crowley
Graduate Nursing Program

Elizabeth Howard

Elizabeth Vine
Senior Benefits Specialist, HR Benefits

Alexandra Alfonso

Emma Putney
CSON student

Cara Hughes

Meghan Blake

Tam Nguyen

Emily Taylor

Yasmin Zaerpoor
Core Fellow/Visiting Assistant Professor (Enviro. Studies)

Michelle Arguelles

Maribel Valdes

Jeremy Shakun

Julianne Stelmaszyk
Dining Services

Melissa Harper

Josh Elbaz

Julie Dunne
Clinical Assistant Professor

Pat Touzin
Director, Faculty & Staff Assistance, Human Resources

Andrew Babbitt

Lauren Brown
Nurse Practitioner

Jay Cusick
Assistant Director, Assignments and Occupancy

Brittany Lehman
Senior Liaison Librarian for History

Gabriel Feldstein

Library Staff

Gautam N. Yadama
Dean & Professor, School of Social Work

Beth Emery
Director of Dining Services

Helen Lacouture
BC Law Library

Idris Council

Jeffrey Osman

John R. Bracher
UGBC Senator Class of 2022

Michael Rossi
Adjunct Professor

Emma Cohan

Olivia W

Margaret Laurence

Shannon Poppe Zaruba
Resident Director

Kristina Hall-Michel

Sarah Gwyneth Ross
Professor of History

Hannah Jones

Charlotte Whitmore
Supervising Attorney, BC Innocence Clinic

Natyra Pancsofar

Rui Albuquerque
Professor of Finance, CSOM

Katie Sullivan

Kate Daly
Associate Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center

Charles Baron
Emeritus Professor Boston College Law School

Sandy Tarrant
Visiting Clinical Law Professor, MCAS '89, BCLS '99

Sarah Ganton
MCAS 2014

Judith McMorrow
Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Global Engagement

Dorothy Cucci

Sam Hocking

Mary French
University Registrar

Melissa Grasso
Law Library

Elizabeth Brosseau
Assistant Director, Talent Development Boston College Athletics

Larissa Truchan
Student Class of 2021

Vicki Sanders
BC Law Magazine

Margaret King
Associate Director -Undergraduate Admission

Leah Hickert

Britt Pados
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Elizabeth T. Goizueta
Lecturer/Adjunct Curator

Erin Lee
Senior Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Erin Lyons

Francine Sherman
Clinical Professor, Boston College Law School

Kiley Flynn ‘19

Elisa Magri
Assistant Professor/Department of Philosophy

Rebeccah Stevens

Alan Minuskin
Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Kyle Ronkin

Ashley Stauber
Former UGBC Senator/2020 Graduate

Jamie Massa
Retired Educator

Nicole Devaney

Mary Faith Smith

Frank Bailey
Executive Chef

Benjamin Clancy

James V. Elliott
Senior Application Developer

Ann-Margaret Caljouw

Carlie Hackmann

Betül Gaffari

Lauren Schmidt

Cassandra DeLacey
BC 2020

Caitlin Charette

Dianne Baron
BC Law 1985/ BC 1975

Thomas Whalen, MTS ‘10

John Mahoney
VP Enrollment Management

Luciana Calderon

Elijah Allen-Smith

Nicholas Collura
Association of Professional Chaplains

Shestruma Parajuli

Christopher Teague
Law School

Danielle Taghian
Associate Prof of the Practice, Biology, Boston College

Ryan Daley
PhD Student, Psychology and Neuroscience

Julia Fraone

Emma Garry
Class of 2020

Kathleen Freeman '21

Scott Etchechury

David Wirth
Professor of Law

Scott Sullivan
Fiscal Analyst

Julia Erdlen

Chris Sykes
Class of 2020

Michael Harris
Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services

Bridget Norris

Jacob Doss
Class of 2013

Erin Hamlin

David Blustein
Professor and Duganne Faculty Fellow, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Alex Macmillan
A&S ‘03

Michael Dolan
Class of 2014

Andrew Craig
Class of 2017 & 2019

Brian Grab
MBA Candidate / Grad Student at the STM

Irene Jang
MCAS 2021

Anna Burbano

Joseph Liu
Professor of Law

Nicole Tom

Anna Chen
CSON '22

Billy Kavula
Campus Minister

Jason Kauper

Scott Baker

Zack Lampe

Emma Schmiege

Jenny Lee

Erin K. Stabile

Robert Bloom
Professor Law School

Bimal Jana

Annabel Hodson-Walker

Allison Liedtke
Graduate Student at STM

Lynn DiBenedetto
Asst. Professor (visiting) Biology dept

Marie O'Brien

Cailin MacQuarrie

Sarah B Gregorian

Laura McCormack
M.Div. '19

Soudabeh Tahmassebipour
BC Law Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Kevin Ohi
Professor of English

Jodie Bowers
Church of St. Dominic - Director, El Salvador Mission Program

Bridget Donohue

Philip Lee
Class of 2017

Matthew Razek
Assistant Director, Office of Residential Life

Brian Gardner

Natalie White

Gregory Jones
Director of Housing Operations, Office of Residential Life

Isabella Wellinghorst

Maddie Burns

Shea Rulon

Molly Tucker

Michael Bamford

Frank García
Law professor

Patricia Reid Ponte

Shayak Khatua
UGBC Senator Class of 2023

Michelle Grossfield
Public Interest and Pro Bono Program Director, BC Law

Kim Garcia

Nathaniel Ware

Meghan Dwyer

Fatima Castellanos

Alec Goos
Undergraduate Student

Kayla Prewitt
grad student

Ellen K. Mahoney
Assoc. Professor, Connell School of Nursing

Daniel Berkowitz
BC A&S Class of 2011

Aileen Herman
Class of 2020

Owen Brier

Ashley Antico

Kara Acinapuro

Jennifer Huer
MA '08

Craig Burns
Director, University Counseling Services

Yanae Zorrilla

Abe Vega
Recent Graduate

Piero Goytizolo

Diane Ring

Linda A. O'Connell, Esq.

Allison O'Brien

Marty Kenney
SSW Field Advisor/alumni

Kelson Brighton
Graduate School of Social Work ‘19

Kimberly Flobil

Andrea Qualman

Caroline Meditz

Michelle Maddex

Noleen Smith
Lynch '23

Deanne Dworski-Riggs

Alexandra Bailey

Michelle Pernini

Victoria Gu

David Weber
Associate Director, Undergraduate Admission

Kelby LeSage
Undergraduate student

Paige Rumble

David K. Atwereboanda
A&S '94, MBA '19

Julia Goetz

Joe Ebbert

Nelle Carty Dalton
BC Alumna ‘01; ‘09

Nadya Muchoney
Presidential Scholar, Class of 2013

Haylee LaBranche

Micheal Griglak

Anabella Morabito
Alumni, School of Theology & Ministry

Kara Murphy

Meghan Piatak
Alumni Class of 2008 MTS

Annie Lynch

Raquel Ornelas

Anna Prince

Ann-Mary Spellman
Facilities Assistant, Boston College

Kate Giancatarino
MA/MSW '08

Finn McNulty

Katya Van Anderlecht

Austin Hord

Maura Treseler
BC Alum

Jen Lozano

Olivia Parsons

Edilma Reyes Hosein
Assistant Director, Office for Institutional Diversity

Jeffrey Powell
CSON ‘18

Suha Lim

Jacqueline Wegmann

Abby Clifford

Jack O'Brien

Erin Hart

Alexa Liquori

Maia Rosenbaum

André Brouillette, SJ
Assistant Professor of Theology, BCSTM

Sarah Piontkowski
Staff Psychologist

Alexandra Barrett

Tom Walsh

Claudia Pouravelis
Associate Dean, Enrollment Management & Student Engagement, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Katie Goss

Sam Hay
Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs at the Woods College of Advancing Studies

Joni Beshansky

Karen Muncaster
Dean, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Bridget Jaklitsch
CSON alumni class of 2016, current DNP graduate student

Rosemary Hanley
Senior Accounts Payable Assistant

Diane Martinez
Boston College Lynch School of Education

Cassie Ryan

Cristina Hunter
Assistant Director UCTC

Dee Masiello
Assistant Dean, Summer Term, and Extended Studies

Cara (Condon) Salomone

Anthony Salomone

Laurel Durning-Hammond

Mary Anne Gallagher

Julianne Devi
Systems Support Analyst, Student Services

Julie DeMareo
Chaplain, Loyola University Chicago

Isabel Hall

Keri Steiniger
BC ‘17

Klemens Engelberg

Grant Gosselin
Director of Undergraduate Admission

Hunter Gaffney

Kelsey Dullea

Joana Maynard
Senior Assistant Director, BAIC

Tugce Tumer

Catherine Sullivan

Matthew Kelly

Jake Angelo

Allyson Huh

Christopher Cordella

Michael Corban

Meghan Callahan
MCAS 2017, BC SSW 2021

Rosalyn Leshin
Student Services Associate

Ellen L. Zamecnik-Bowley

Hans Harmakaputra

Karen L. Terrell
M.Ed. '03, Ph.D. '12

Emily Kates
Senior Staff Psychologist, University Counseling Services

Kassandra Dineen

James Carlin

Miranda Eve

Stephanie Falletta

Carol Pepin
Associate Director, IR&P

Grace West
Gabelli Presidential Scholar, Class of 2015

Sarah Wang
Class of 2021

Marcela Norton

Beth Dougherty
Alumna, 2019

Maggie DiPatri

Shubhalaxmi Taywade
Class of 2021

Urwa Hameed
UGBC Senator

Matthew DiBenedetto
MCAS '21

Alaina Beckshaw

Casey Irwin
Class of 2021

William Bole
Director, Content Development, Carroll School of Management

Grace Rego

Mary Anne Gallagher

Kathleen Meade

Margarett Burke

Christian Moro

Molly Witt

Natalya Shnitser
Assistant Professor, Law School

Gregory Quinn Welsh

Annie Ward

Samantha Rogers

Leonard Gordon

Kerry Schiller

Lucas Coffey

Andrew Yang

Lauren Rever
Undergraduate History Major, class of 2014

Michaela Ferraro

Kaitlyn Solano

Aisling Hegarty

Lauren Kobylski

Maryanne Kirby

Daniel Millan

Alyssa Francona
University Advancement

Jill Caseria
University Advancement

Patrick Halm
Class of 2021

Marie McGrath

Sophia Hamdan

Brigid Rooney
Class of 2017

Julian Johnson

Mary Rose Corkery

Sarah Bradley

Jessica Rojas

Aisling Hegarty

Martha Kraft

Erin Santacrose

Elizabeth Untama

Lisa Avanzato-Ushkurnis
School of Social Work Faculty Advisor

Chris Griesedieck, Jr.
A&S 2011

George Flannery
Class of 2012

Wendy Dinneen

Kathryn Browne

Ursula DellaPorta
Associate Registrar

Julianna Gerold

John C. Gehman
MCAS '21

Cailin MacQuarrie

Guillermo Nunez

Kristin Hartnett
Academic Advisor/MCAS

Danielle Stefanucci
Class of 2017

Arthur McSweeney

Juliana Belding
Math Dept

Kelli O’Brien
Alumna, MCAS 2017

Ally Perrin

Danielle Palmieri
Student of CSON

Milton Lanza
VP of B.E.A.T.S

Kerry Brennan
BC Presidential Scholars Program class of 2007

Christine Shaughnessy

Mara Willard, MDiv PhD
Visiting Assistant Prof., International Studies

Angeline Peyton

Bill Murphy

Amy Ryan
Assistant Dean, Field Placement & Outreach

Madison Miraglia

Govind Harish
MCAS 2022

Maya Floreani

MaryElizabeth Quinn Mooney
Boston College Alum

Claire Karsting
CSON Master of Science in Nursing '21

Caroline Dolan

Amaya Sangurima

Kathryn Berman

Jessica Podgurski

Kate Kreinbring

Ella Whitman

Megan Madden

Elyse DiCesare

Antonio Gillespie

Sharon Anwa Acha

Richard Shubert

Adriana Miranda

Alfonso Henderson

Clare O'Connor

Olivia Kuo

Justin Cheung

Nicole Sewall

Arshdeep Sandhu

Irma Velazquez

Ana Benitez

Vidisha Panndey

Marina Thalasinos

Catherine Brewer

Jack Nuelle
MTS '18, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry; Former Boisi Center Assistant to the Director and Graduate Research Assistant

Reese Johnson

Bridget Corcoran

Monica Pagan

John Stewart

Victoria Filippi

Lucas Beyer

Eliza Hernandez

Maura Colling