Webinars and Programs

The Boston College Alumni Association is pleased to offer programs of interest for alumni and friends of the University. Join us on campus—or online—for programs, lectures, and workshops that will stimulate your senses and remind you how much you love learning new things. When possible, we will make videos and Powerpoint presentations from past programs available on our website. For questions, please e-mail alumnied@bc.edu or call 617-552-4700.


Upcoming Webinars

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The Taste of Health

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Join us for this webinar to learn the principles of total wellness through the art and science of Ayurveda, an approach to living that helps people regain a balance between the body, mind, spirit, and the environment.

Spiritual Practices for Busy People

Thursday, December 12, 2019

It's not just during the holidays that we have to juggle priorities that compete for our time and attention. Join us for this webinar that will encourage you to make room for practical and restorative spiritual practices to help keep you anchored and integrated throughout your life. Dr. Griffith will share ways of fostering our spiritual selves amid the busyness of life and its very real demands.

Nontraditional Ways To Navigate Grief And Trauma

November 13, 2019

Navigating grief, loss, and trauma can often be a complicated and overwhelming process. This interactive and engaging webinar will introduce you to proven, creative techniques that will help you rebuild and heal. Using her award-winning book as a guide, Susan will share nontraditional healing tools that counter the negative effects of grief and trauma while assisting in increased healing of the mind, body, and spirit. 

The Student Experience Through The Lens Of Student Affairs

We all enjoyed our own unique experiences as BC students.  We remember the all-nighters studying for finals and writing papers, hanging out with friends around campus and all of the memories in between. 

What does a day in the life of a current BC student look like? What has changed? What has stayed the same?

Understanding The Adolescent Brain

The adolescent brain is often misunderstood, a mystery to teens and those adults who care about them. Are you looking to build your knowledge of the brain while learning about adolescent development? Then look no further than this exciting webinar that introduces the latest neuroscientific findings on adolescent brain growth and reviews the implications of such changes for social relationships, emotional health and cognitive achievement.

9 Ways to Cope with Loss During The Holidays


Whether your loss was recent or many years ago, you will learn practical tips as well as healthy coping strategies to successfully navigate through this holiday season. Any adult who has suffered a loss of any kind will benefit, as well as professional caregivers, friends, family, and colleagues of those coping with loss.

Why You Eat What You Eat


Join us for this webinar that will explain a variety of astonishing sensory and psychological factors that influence our experience of food and how our eyes and ears alter food perception. Learn how various psychological factors, such as meal characteristics and our expectations, can alter how much we eat, as well as our metabolism. Amusing insights into our grocery shopping behavior will also be shared. Please note that there are issues with sound quality for the first ten minutes. Our apologies.

Making Sense of #MeToo


Join Professor for Macro Practice Tiziana Dearing of the Boston College School of Social Work in a discussion about the #MeToo movement. Unlike many kinds of social-media activism, the #MeToo movement is an attempt to get people to understand the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in society. As a woman, public leader, and former nonprofit CEO, Dearing will explore the potential implications of the #MeToo movement for management, leadership, and the public sphere. Download presentation

Raising Happy Kids


Join author and alumna Katie Hurley '97 as she shares how empowering kids to cope with a wide range of emotions, increasing self-confidence, and incorporating free play have important roles in increasing happiness. Raising happy children is about parenting each individual child and meeting their needs from a social-emotional perspective. Download presentation

A Parent's Survival Guide to Special Education


This webinar is geared for parents of children who have unique learning and/or emotional needs. This presentation will provide a broad overview of navigating the journey of special education. The focus will be on educating parents beginning with testing, understanding and preparing for the IEP process, and the importance of partnering with schools. There will also be information to help parents understand the law and the use of effective advocacy skills. The participants will be provided with links to resources which will assist them at different stages of development and needs of their child. Download presentation

Boston College's Strategic Plan


This webinar featured David Quigley, Provost, and Michael Lochhead, Executive Vice President.

Periodically, the University embarks on a strategic planning initiative, stepping back to reflect on its mission and core values as well as challenges and opportunities. This webinar focused on the progress of the strategic planning work to date and senior leadership shared their thoughts about emerging themes and key challenges. Download presentation

Be authentic

Be Courageously Authentic with Fr. James Burns


Learn ways to incorporate virtues in your life and to live consistently in harmony with yourself and with God. You will leave refreshed and emboldened to live your life more truly and fully, with coping strategies, a stronger sense of self, more confidence, and a higher likelihood of following through on goals. Download presentation

Life of Yes: Live YOUR Dream, Not THE Dream


This webinar shared strategies and  tools necessary to make changes in your life so that you can identify and live your own dream.

Building and Maximizing Your Personal Brand


Presented by Kim Meninger, '97, MBA '08. Download presentation

Understanding Today's Job Market


Presented by Donna Sullivan ’85. Download presentation

Interviewing for Success


Do you know what an interview really is?  Do you know how many different kinds of interviews there are?  This webinar is designed to get you ready to sell yourself to potential buyers in your job market.  We want you to be ready to maximize your value for your next opportunity.  Understanding how to prepare, what to expect, and gathering as well as giving information will make you a better candidate.  Join us to learn how to be the best candidate in the pool! Presented by Donna Sullivan ’85. Download presentation

Unemployment and mental health

Unemployment and Mental Health: Shoring Yourself up for the Long-Haul


Dealing with unemployment creates many challenges for people. In this slide presentation Professor David Blustein reviews the meaning of work, strategies for helping people to cope with their stress and finding support in their communities. State-of-art job search strategies are also reviewed. Presented by David Blustein, Ph.D. Download presentation

Spirituality in the workplace

Spirituality in the Workplace with Fr. Joseph O'Keefe, S.J.


Download presentation

Finding God in Life's Difficulties

Finding God in Life's Difficulties with Fr. Joseph O'Keefe, S.J.


Download presentation

Readings March 19

Lenten Reflection Questions

Blessing "For Suffering"

Are You Financially Fit? First Time Home-Buying Skills


Presented By: Liz Barletta '07 of Ligris & Associates, Bryan Brown of Guaranteed Rate, Brett Saide of Ameriprise Financial, and Thomas Matthews of Gibson Sotheby’s. Download presentation

Maureen Kenny presentation

Dean's Series with Dean Maureen Kenny, Lynch School of Education


The newly-appointed Dean of the Lynch School of Education, Maureen Kenny, gave a dynamic presentation focused on helping our children, our grandchildren, and all youth thrive by helping them develop a sense of purpose in their lives.  By looking at the whole person and the interconnectedness of academic, social, and emotional development, parents–and professionals who work with our youth–learned about strategies for taking a strength-based approach in helping our young people achieve a greater sense of self-worth and purpose in their lives in the ever-changing world of today. Download presentation