Welcome to the Boston College Call Center

The Call Center connects Boston College alumni and parents with current students. Over the course of the call, we will offer to update your contact information, chat with you about your BC experience, and share the many ways you can support the school. Our goal is to give you an update on what is new at BC, and provide an opportunity to ask any questions. It also serves as a great way for our current students to hear from alumni and parents as they look towards the future.


Missed our call?

If you receive a call from 617-552-2015, please pick up the phone! We’d love to talk to you and hear your feedback.

Welcome to the Eagle Call Center

Meet Our Eagle Callers

Grace Carroll '23

Grace Carroll '23

"Boston College is home to a wide variety of people from all backgrounds and of all opinions, which has provided me the opportunity for growth, empathy, and understanding."

Major: Information Systems, Business Analytics

Favorite spot on campus: Maloney Lawn

Student Involvement: Agape Latte. Montserrat Coalition

Rahim Jessani '23

Rahim Jessani '23

"Boston College feels like home - I love the campus and student life, as well as being in Boston."

Major: Political Science

Favorite spot on campus: Margot Connell Recreation Center

Student Involvement: College Democrats of Boston College, South Asian Student Association

Rose Delva '22

Rose Delva '22

"What I love most about BC is the culture of service fostered by the University. Students are encouraged to grow into men and women for others."

Major: Philosophy

Favorite spot on campus: The Chocolate Bar

Student Involvement: Haitian Association of Boston College, AHANA Pre-Law Student Association, The Political Violence Project