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The Atlanta Chapter has just recently been revitalized in the summer of 2020.

Our chapter leader would love to get to know new and seasoned Eagles in the area, and plan social, service and game-day events!

If you have any ideas you'd like to share for specific events or if you'd like to become more involved in the chapter, please reach out to us!


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Meet Your Chapter Leaders

Martin Maffei Headshot

Heather Dean '94

Lives in: John's Creek, Georgia

Major: Elementary Education/Minor in Psychology 

Occupation: Director of Sales and Outreach for a BPO Company

Favorite BC Memory: Wonderful, smart, fun, driven roommates and friends I met at BC, who are some of my strongest most enduring friends to this day.  I also truly feel the unparalleled 'people factor' of the folks who work within BC.  Quality of utmost caliber and generosity of their talent, time and ideas.  I loved meeting them back at school and now.  

Why did you get involved in your local chapter?: I love Boston College.  I love the commitment to 'bettering' people's lives within the BC culture, and I was always very impressed with the folks who run the NYC chapter-their agileness to host on topic and current events and create a warm environment where everyone felt comfortable to join and get involved.  

What are your local favorites in your city?: I love Canoe restaurant, Aria, Houston's, Grapes and Grains, Chops, and more.  I am 'newly' relocated here following the COVID situation affecting New York City and the company I worked for, so I have many places I want to try and I will have word back to you! I enjoy a gym routine and would like to try a pretty walk in the mountains.  I am lucky to have irreplaceable friends from highschool and even from elementary school who stay in touch with.  I enjoy volunteering for the Atlanta Ballet and would like to find a soup kitchen or other ways to get involved.  I enjoy movies, exercise, reading, music, and art.  Sports are fun to have on and to keep current with as well.  I enjoy baking, reading recipes, and trying to cook. Ha ha ha. 

Fun Fact: I love music, art, and Broadway shows.


Vincenza Bartholomew

Alumni Staff Liaison

Name: Vincenza Bartholomew MEd '18