Boston College Catalyst Funds enable leadership donors to accelerate the things that make Boston College most distinctive.

Four Catalyst Funds—for Financial Aid, for Service and Formation, for Academic Excellence, and for Athletics—provide current and future donors the opportunity to immediately impact the areas the University has deemed most critical, those elements that make Boston College a crossroads where individuals and ideas meet and lives are transformed.

Alumni, parents, and friends play an integral role in catalyzing our vision of being a beacon of hope and light for the world.

What Will You Be a Catalyst For?


The Boston College Catalyst Fund for Financial Aid fuels BC’s need-blind admissions process and is fundamental to who we are. Aligned to our mission and values as a Jesuit university, this Catalyst Fund ensures that every deserving student—regardless of their economic status—has access to the life-changing gift of a Boston College education.

Your Catalyst gift of $10,000 or $25,000 makes a difference by:

Ensuring that BC remains one of 20 private U.S. universities that offer need-blind admission and fully meet each student’s demonstrated need

Helping BC to attract and enroll the best students in the country, regardless of family income

Significantly impacting the average need-based financial aid package of more than $37,000 per year

As a Houston native, I came to Boston College wanting to be uncomfortable, challenged, and exposed to new cultures. Not only has financial aid afforded me opportunities, but it has reaffirmed that I want to do meaningful work where I can be a voice for those who do not have power.
David Jasso ’20, Houston Texas, Major: Management and leadership


The Boston College Catalyst Fund for Service and Formation develops men and women for others. Boston College is an education of the mind, heart, and soul, and its deep commitment to student formation sets it apart across American higher education. This Catalyst Fund directly invests in service immersion, retreats, and formative programming to care for the whole student.

Your Catalyst gift of $10,000 or $25,000 makes a difference by:

Funding a significant portion of one of BC’s more than two dozen service immersion, retreat, and formation programs

Growing student formation opportunities in Campus Ministry, First Year Experience, the Center for Student Formation, and more

Providing BC students with an education of the mind, heart, and soul now and always


The Boston College Catalyst Fund for Academic Excellence re-envisions the liberal arts. Central to BC’s strategic plan, continued focus on Core Curriculum renewal, faculty quality, and engagement strengthens the student experience and enhances BC’s societally-oriented interdisciplinary curriculum, preparing students to enter the complex world of the 21st century.

Your Catalyst gift of $10,000 or $25,000 makes a difference by:

Enabling us to recruit and retain gifted faculty members dedicated to teaching, research and mentorship

Empowering Deans and other academic leaders to pilot new curricular programs or scale existing ones

Enabling experimental Core programming, new minors, and cross-school collaborations

Our biggest distinction is our Jesuit tradition. This shapes how we teach and how we coach.
Mike Gambino ‘99 , Head Baseball Coach


The Boston College Catalyst Fund for Athletics builds leaders with heart. Student-athletes from BC’s 31 D-1 varsity sports teams aim higher, train harder, and compete with integrity. Whether you are a former student-athlete or an impassioned Eagles fan, investing through this Catalyst Fund builds leaders with heart and keeps BC Athletics a critical component of our community.

Your Catalyst gift of $10,000 or $25,000 makes a difference by:

Providing the flexibility for coaches and other athletics leaders to pursue new team-building programs while expanding others

Covering expenses for travel, equipment, and apparel and help fund scholarships not covered by the endowment

Giving William V. Campbell Director of Athletics, Martin Jarmond, the ability and agility to invest in BC Athletics in the areas that need the most support