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The Long Island Chapter was relaunched in 2019, and has been home to over 10,000 Eagles in the area ever since! The volunteers love to center their get-togethers around family-friendly social and service events, as well as show their team spirit on game day!

We are a friendly group, open to suggestions on anything that would benefit our community or current BC students. 





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Meet Your Chapter Leaders

Long Island Chapter Leader Amy Martella Headshot

Amy Martella '04

Lives in: Manhasset, New York

Major: Education/Political Science

Occupation: Lawyer

Favorite BC Memory: One of my most cherished memories at BC occurred at the very end of my time there. As a second semester senior, I took a Capstone class with the legendary Fr. Farrell. Each week we sat in a small circle and shared our thoughts on Frost, Whitman, and Thoreau. In the final week of class, Fr. Farrell took us all the way to the top of St. Mary’s chapel. From up top, we could see the entirety of campus, every corner where we’d spent 4 years creating a lifetime of memories. It was a perfect May evening, and the weight of leaving BC hung heavy. None of us expected it, but some started to cry.  Seven years later, Fr. Farrell baptized my first born; I will never forget him!

Why did you get involved in your local chapter?: After moving out of New York City five years ago, we noticed all of the local alumni events took place in New York City.  We thought it would be wonderful to have an official alumni chapter for Long Island, especially because there are so many local Eagles nearby.

What are your local favorites in your city?: We love spending time outdoors at Sand’s Point Preserve and the Nassau County Museum of Art.  Heritage Farm in Muttontown has the most beautiful Christmas trees in December and pumpkins in October. Our favorite restaurants are Hendrick’s Tavern in Roslyn and Salvatore’s Pizza in Port Washington.

Fun Fact: I live in an old home that served as part of the Underground Railroad. 


Long Island Chapter Leader Chris Savino Headshot

Chris Savino '03

Lives in: Manhasset, NY

Major: Accounting

Occupation: Assurance Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Favorite BC Memory:

Two stick out immediately: 

1) Road trips to Notre Dame. I went twice.  Nothing is better than driving 12 hours in an RV with 10 of your best friends, with not a care in the world other than to support your fellow Eagles.  

2) Kairos: It is quite possibly one of the most spiritual, intellectual, and thought provoking experiences I've ever had.  I got to know myself better that weekend then I ever have and shared the experience with friends I didn't even know I had. 

Why did you get involved in your local chapter?: The BC way is to give back and to give to your community. One community that I felt like I wasn't giving enough to was the BC one, so I decided to get involved.  I want the Long Island chapter to be a network for alumni to connect with each other and our community but also to find ways to enhance the current experience for BC students.

What are your local favorites in your city?: Long Island has some of the best beaches in the country.  We go to the beach a lot with friends all summer long. 

Fun Fact: I have 3 young daughters and really enjoy coaching their soccer and lacrosse teams. 


Long Island Chapter Leader Brian O'Leary Headshot

Brian O'Leary '03

Lives in: Manhasset, New York

Major: Finance

Occupation: Financial Advisor, Hightower Advisors

Favorite BC Memory: There are too many to choose from, but here are a select few:

-As a Junior in High School: visiting my cousin at his Comm Ave apartment after a tour.  That was the moment I knew it was the place for me.  Little did I know that I would be living in that very same apartment four years later.

-Mass Pike 1 hour before Sophomore year: all Summer I looked forward to returning to campus, but the anticipation hit a fever pitch as my parents and I made the drive up.  My return to The Heights couldn't come soon enough.

-Many fleeting moments doing close to nothing with lifelong friends.

-Hours before commencement: sunrise on the rooftop... there are simply no words.

Why did you get involved in your local chapter?: 
An opportunity to give back to the school that gave me so much, and connect with fellow alumni.  Members of the BC community tend to have tremendous character, who couldn't use another Eagle in their life?

What are your local favorites in your city?: Manhattan Clam Chowder at Louie's in Manhasset beats any New England Clam Chowder in Boston (blasphemy I know - forgive me father for I have sinned).

Fun Fact: My name is on Mars... literally.  In 8th grade I was a finalist in JPL's "Name the Rover" essay contest.  The contest invited children across the nation to suggest names based on women who had a positive impact on history. Although my suggestion of "Harriet", honoring  Harriet Tubman did not win, my signature was engraved on the "Sojourner" rover which landed on Mars on July 4th 1997. 


Long Island Chapter Leader Amanda Alsheimer Headshot

Amanda Belt Alsheimer '02

Lives in: Manhasset, NY

Major: Education (Minor: Communications)

Occupation: Educator

Favorite BC Memory: When I think back to my four years at BC there are so many moments to reflect upon. A few that stand out include football games with my friends, runs around the reservoir, Wednesday nights at Mary Ann, taking the "T" into Boston and the Study Abroad program.

Why did you get involved in your local chapter?: Why wouldn't I get involved?! I LOVED my time at BC, and it's nice to remain connected to a place that had a big impact on me and my life.

What are your local favorites in your city?: Almost all of our activities are done as a family, so we love to play golf at the Harbor Links 9-hole course, grab dinner at Publicans in Manhasset and visit Sands Point Preserve for hikes and walks along the beach.

Fun Fact: It's not really a fun fact, but I love to run!


Vincenza Bartholomew

Alumni Staff Liaison

Name: Vincenza Bartholomew MEd '18

Contact: bartholv@bc.edu