This Advent season, we’re offering weekly reflections prepared by leading lights of the Boston College community. Each Sunday, we’ll share the reflection of a student or alumnus, contemplating the mysteries of the season and the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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Christmas Sunday

"As we conclude this season of preparation, let’s truly celebrate that Jesus is here, living in and through all of us. As today’s Gospel points out, Jesus has overcome darkness, and is constantly inviting us to join him in the light by choosing love over fear. Will we accept that invitation?"


Samuel Schelble ’21, MA’24

Samuel Schelble ’21, MA’24

Samuel Schelble graduated from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management in 2021 with a BS in management, a concentration in accounting for finance and consulting, and a minor in theology. After working for a higher education consulting firm for a year, he quickly felt a call back to the world of ministry and returned to Boston College in pursuit of a masters in theology and ministry at the School of Theology and Ministry. He hopes to serve as a high school or college campus minister in the future.

Fourth Sunday of Advent

“With Joseph accepting Jesus as his son, God begins to unravel His incredible plan of salvation. Just as Joseph played a role in God’s plan, each one of us has a place in God’s story and God can do great things through us when we allow Him to work in our lives.”


Alejandra Aquino ’17

Alejandra Aquino ’17

Alejandra Aquino graduated from Boston College in 2017, majoring in communication and minoring in leadership & management. Upon graduation, she worked for FOCUS as a full-time campus missionary ministering to college students. In 2020, she joined Ascension Press to assist the production of their podcasts, including the chart-topping The Bible in a Year podcast (with Fr. Mike Schmitz). She loves amplifying the voices of Catholic evangelists like Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jeff Cavins, Danielle Bean, Dr. Edward Sri, and Fr. Gregory Pine. Alejandra and her husband, Henry, live in Massachusetts.

Third Sunday of Advent

“In delaying our joy, we can lose sight of the tiny signs of hope, and God’s love around us,” says Tabitha. “I found God at a Brandi Carlile concert, at an arepa stand in Medellín, at a church in New York City… These are reasons to celebrate as we wait for those big moments to come; these are moments that we need to hold onto, especially when life isn’t quite going the way we want.”


Tabitha Joseph ’17

Tabitha Joseph ’17

Tabitha Joseph graduated class of 2017 with degrees in business management & leadership and music. She was an active member of the Liturgy Arts Group, Music Guild, and served as an RA for three years. She currently resides in New York City's Upper West Side and is working as a management consultant at Accenture.

Second Sunday of Advent

"I hope that we can continue to do the inward work of preparing for Christmas, but also that we can play a small part in helping others to do the same…Our participation in a community of faith prepares an even greater path for Christ—not only in our own hearts, but in those around us.”


Dennis Wieboldt ’22, MA’23

Dennis Wieboldt ’22, MA’23

Dennis Wieboldt is an MA candidate in United States history at Boston College, where he studies the relationship between law, politics, and religion in the twentieth century. A native of central New Jersey, Dennis also earned his BA from Boston College in 2022. Having been involved in the work of the Church in the 21st Century Center since his freshman year, he now serves as a member of the Center's Advisory Committee.

First Sunday of Advent

“In the absence of this unmistakable presence of God, I was tasked to awaken. Where could I find God in the ordinary? Whether it came in the form of blowing off steam with a co-worker who I knew was struggling, laughing with a deskmate after a cold call gone wrong, or talking openly about imposter syndrome with other young women, when I chose to pay attention, there was no shortage of places to find God.”


Sarah Hansman ’18,STM’25

Sarah Hansman ’18, MDiv’25

Sarah Hansman graduated from Boston College in 2018 with a BA in theology. Upon graduation, she worked in tech sales at Dell Technologies and VMware. After much discernment, Sarah returned to BC’s School of Theology and Ministry to begin studies for her masters of divinity. In her free time, Sarah works as the development manager for the Women's Foundation of Boston and is involved with BC's Kairos program, as well as the PULSE service learning program.

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