The Boston College Seal

The Boston College seal is the central logo of the University. The current seal has been in use since 1934. At its center is a shield that contains the seal’s major elements: two crowns and a badge, a book, and three mountains. The crowns are derived from the three crowns in the coat of arms of Boston, England, for which Boston, Massachusetts is named. In the BC seal, two crowns are used, with the traditional badge of the Society of Jesus replacing the third crown. Below the crowns is an open book.


BC 4-color seal

4-color seal (cmyk)

BC Gold seal

Gold seal

BC Black Seal

Black seal

Boston College’s motto, “Ever to Excel,” is written in Greek on the pages of the open book. The three mountains are the  “trimount,” which comes from Tremont, the early name for Boston. Below the shield, a scroll appears inscribed with the Latin words “Religioni et Bonis Artibus.” The outside ring of the seal includes the name of the university in Latin and the date of its founding, 1863.

The Boston College seal should appear on all documents produced by the University, on either the front or back cover or on both. It should appear in black, gold (PMS 874), or full color (4-color process plus PMS 874).

There should be no manipulation of the seal, and it should only be produced at full resolution for the highest quality reproduction. The seal should be used no smaller than 3/4 inch in diameter in printed publications.


The Boston College Wordmark

The Boston College wordmark is the official graphic treatment of the words “Boston College.” When treated graphically (as an image, not in the document text), the words “Boston College” should appear as a logotype on one or two lines as shown below in black, gold, or reversed to white.

The wordmark may not be altered or changed in any way. The only graphic the wordmark should be paired with is the seal. See the official paired treatment in the following section.

To maintain the specific relationships between the letters, EPS files of the logotype are available. Do not attempt to recreate them using actual type.

BC wordmark black

One-line wordmark in black

BC wordmark gold

One-line wordmark in gold

BC wordmark white

One-line wordmark in white

2-line wordmark in black

Two-line wordmark in black

2-line wordmark in gold

Two-line wordmark in gold

2-line wordmark in white

Two-line wordmark in white

Please note: The seal and the name “Boston College” are registered trademarks, and reproduction of the wordmark alone or together with other elements of the Graphic Identity System is for official Boston College use only, in accordance with the University policy on use of the Boston College indicia. (This file is an Adobe Acrobat® PDF formatted file. To view it, you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat file reader.)