Thomas H. Groome

Professor of Theology and Religious Education


Professor Thomas Groome is director of the Church in the 21st Century and professor of Theology and Religious Education at Boston College. Groome’s areas of expertise are Catholic and religious education, issues of the Catholic Church and society; religion and politics; the papacy; pastoral ministry, spiritual practices. He is the author of numerous books including Catholic Spiritual Practices (Paraclete); Will There Be Faith? (HarperCollins); What Makes Us Catholic: Eight Gifts for Life (Harper; San Francisco); Educating for Life: A Spiritual Vision for Every Teacher and Parent (Crossroads), Christian Religious Education: Sharing Our Story and Vision (Harper, San Francisco), Language for a "Catholic" Church (Sheed and Ward) and Sharing Faith: A Comprehensive Approach to Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry(Harper, San Francisco). Professor Groome is also the primary author of various religious education curricula which are widely used in Catholic schools and parishes; his most recent curriculum is The Credo Series for high school-age students from Veritas.