Julia DeVoy

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Services

Lynch School of Education


Julia DeVoy's research and teaching has concentrated on the‎ relationship of social class ‎variables to the human lifespan, with a focus ‎on social mobility ‎among low-‎income ‎global citizens that examines ‎personal aspects, as well as ‎ecological contexts‎ such as ‎family, faith, ‎workplace, ‎community and ‎educational ‎settings, which facilitate or constrain development. She is currently investigating ways in which economically disempowered individuals‎ develop dual ‎class-based ‎psychological identities in order to transition to elevated economic levels ‎while maintaining healthy ‎emotional‎ well-being and relational support.‎

Devoy has been involved nationally and internationally in social impact, social entrepreneur businesses and social justice work since 1989. DeVoy is co-author of several articles on social class mobility, career development and work-based psychology including, among them: “The Psychology of Working: A New Framework for Counseling Practice and Public Policy” (Career Development Quarterly); “Self-concept” (Encyclopedia of Career Development); “Qualitative Research in Career Development: Exploring the Center and Margins of Discourse About Careers and Working” (Journal of Career Assessment). She was selected as the Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) awardee for best submission of an action oriented project geared towards addressing the complex issue of fresh water scarcity facing the world today.