Julie Paquette MacEvoy

Program Director, Master's Program in School Counseling

Associate Professor of the Practice, Counseling Psychology

Lynch School of Education


Dr. Paquette MacEvoy's areas of interest are: children's peer relations, with a particular focus on children's friendships and experiences of aggression in the peer group; children’s social and emotional development; developmental and gender differences in the value kids place on having friends; how children cope with conflicts in their friendships; loneliness among children and adolescents; interventions to improve children's friendships; and gender differences in how children express anger and aggression toward their peers.

Dr. Paquette MacEvoy has written extensively on her research including, “Friendship Expectations and Children’s Friendship-related Behavior and Adjustment” (Merrill-Palmer Quarterly); “Children’s Sympathy for Peers Who are the Targets of Peer Aggression” (Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology); and the following co-authored articles: “When Friends Disappoint: Boys' and Girls' Responses to Transgressions of Friendship Expectations” (Child Development); “Loneliness” (Encyclopedia of Adolescence); “Bullying in American Schools: A Social-Ecological Perspective on Prevention and Intervention; “Initial Validation of a Knowledge-Based Measure of Social Information Processing and Anger Management (Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology); “ Low-Level Aggression in the Schools: Issues and Interventions” (Current Topics In Pediatrics in the Schools); and “Children’s Peer Relations, Social Competence and School Adjustment: A Social Tasks and Social Goals Perspective (Advances in Motivation and Achievement).