Judith A. Vessey

Lelia Holden Carroll Endowed Professor in Nursing


Dr. Judith Vessey is a developmental pediatric nurse practitioner and a leading nurse researcher in the field of pediatric nursing with an emphasis on issues faced by children with chronic conditions and their families. Dr. Vessey’s current research focuses on bullying, both in the schoolyard and in the workplace. Initially, her interest in this area of inquiry began when she witnessed the difficulties that children with chronic conditions faced on being included in school. Over time this work has led to a new avenue of study - bullying and lateral violence in the workplace. She also conducts research in care coordination and other quality measures that are important to families of children with chronic conditions. She is the lead author of "Measuring the Youth Bullying Experience: A Systematic Review of the Psychometric Properties of Available Instruments" (Journal of School Health, 84, 819-843, 2014) and "Enhancing Care Coordination Through Patient–initiated Telephone Encounters" (Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 30, 915-923, 2015).