C. Patrick Proctor

Associate Professor

Lynch School of Education


Dr. Patrick Proctor investigates the intricacies of bilingualism and literacy, focusing on learners from Spanish-speaking homes. His theoretical research focuses on models of bilingualism, language development, and reading comprehension, and the intersections between them. He has been a co-author in a number of journal articles including: “Language Maintenance Versus Language of Instruction:  Spanish Reading Development Among Latino and Latina Bilingual Learners” (Journal of Social Issues); “Native Spanish-speaking children reading in English: Toward a model of comprehension.” (Journal of Educational Psychology); “The Relationship between Cognate Awareness and English Comprehension Among Spanish-English Bilingual Fourth Grade Students” (TESOL Quarterly); and “ The Changing Landscape of Text and Comprehension in the Age of New Literacies” (Handbook of New Literacies).