JESU/EDUC XXXX - Emerging Leaders

This three-credit, graduate-level hybrid course seeks to integrate and practically apply one's the knowledge and skills gained in the other courses of the certificate program.  The course will explore contemporary leadership strategies and challenges facing leaders today in order to apply the Jesuits' early vision of leadership into their own works or communities. 

father pedro arrupe washing the feet of a boy

Course Summary

This hybrid course serves as the culmination of the courses offered through the Certificate in Jesuit Studies program, and its enrollment is open to only those participants who have successfully completed four other courses. Online readings, discussions, and case studies expose participants to contemporary leadership strategies and the challenges facing leaders today. The course continues at Boston College with a one-week program. Lectures and discussions and case-study analyses by distinguished guests foster a depth of understanding as participants practically apply the knowledge and skills gained in previous classes. Coursework ends with the presentation of projects, completed individually or in small groups, that the participants will institute at their own works or communities. Through this course, students will reconcile their previous understanding of the Jesuits’ early vision of leadership for the vitality of their works with the ways that vision has both changed and remained constant when confronted by challenges and opportunities.

Course Offering

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