Jesuit Sources

Founded in 1961, the Institute of Jesuit Sources, specializes in preserving, maintaining, and expanding for scholars around the world important texts and studies in Jesuit history, spirituality, and pedagogy. It publishes Jesuit primary sources in English translation, monographs on the Jesuits, and auxiliary literature in Jesuit Studies. It currently features more than 150 volumes.

In 2019, Jesuit Sources inaugurated a new imprint: IJS Studies–Research on Jesuits and the Society of Jesus, seeking to serve as a reputable addition of academic works to the rich catalogue of source materials at the Institute.

In addition, Jesuit Sources publishes the annual Jesuit Ordo, which contains the Order of Celebration for the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours for Jesuits in the United States. The Jesuit Ordo reflects the updated calendar of Jesuit saints and blessed issued by the Roman Curia of the Society of Jesus.  It follows the liturgical calendar, containing the readings of the day, starting from advent to the end of the following advent.