Course Descriptions

The courses offered through the Certificate in Jesuit Studies program offer a variety of experiences for participants to study different aspects of the Society of Jesus. Whether online, on campus, or through immersion travel, the graduate-level courses help promote a deep, informed understanding of Jesuit spirituality, history, pedagogy, and leadership methods.

Jesuit Studies Courses

Social Justice

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JESU/EDUC 7131 - Discover the changing role of social justice throughout the history of the Society of Jesus, learn how the Jesuits understood their role to promote liberation from oppression.


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JESU/EDUC 7157 - This immersion course combines dynamic online interactions with guided travels in Europe to present students with unique opportunities to examine the foundation of the Society of Jesus.


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JESU/EDUC 7159 - An introductory survey to the Society of Jesus’s 475-year history with particular attention, following the Jesuits’ suppression in 1773, to various enterprises and entrepreneurs in the Americas.

Jesuit Pedagogy

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JESU/EDUC 7158 - Examine the tension between uniformity and adaptability that has led to the success of Jesuit education and interpret the development of Jesuit educational endeavors.

Spiritual Exercises

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JESU/EDUC 7132 - Explore the key elements of the Spiritual Exercises and how they relate directly and practically to the ministry of spiritual direction.

Emerging Leaders

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This hybrid course promotes the study of leadership methods, case studies, and presentations by key leaders—both Jesuit and lay—within the network of Jesuit apostolates