Program Details

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The Certificate in Jesuit Studies program presents a variety of opportunities for participants to develop a deep, informed understanding of the spirituality, history, pedagogy, leadership methods, and other aspects associated with the Society of Jesus and its apostolates.

Components of the program include:

Details about the program

  • Enrollment in a course does not oblige the participant from completing the additional courses required for a Certificate in Jesuit Studies. Only those earning 15 credits (or more), however, will receive a Certificate in Jesuit Studies. Participants may set their own pace for completing the program. They must participate in the leadership seminar.
  • Enrollment in the program’s various components is limited, especially in the immersion travel and leadership seminar.
  • Individuals must apply to participate in each aspect of the program. Those already pursuing the Certificate will receive preferential enrollment in the courses.
  • Tuition costs associated with courses are set each year by the Trustees of Boston College and are subject to yearly increases.
  • Financial assistance may be available and is determined by the Institute on a case-by-case basis.