Manresa Ignatian Retreat

12 Weeks in Manresa: Spiritual Exercises for our Times

An Ignatian Retreat for Daily Life



I'm a retired United Church of Christ pastor, and as I said about Manresa, this experience was the most spiritually deepening and significant spiritual growth experience of my entire life.
Jim, Retired United Church of Christ Pastor


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Program Details

Retreat Content

Retreat Content




It was in a cave in Manresa, Spain, where Saint Ignatius composed the Spiritual Exercises. In this time of seclusion, he came to know God in a profoundly intimate way. In our time of seclusion and transitions, we too, can find God in a deeper, more profound way.

Over the 12 weeks of Manresa: Spiritual Exercises for our Times, you are invited to an Ignatian retreat in daily life inspired by and rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. This retreat is intended for both those experienced and new to the Spiritual Exercises who seek "some instruction and the attainment of a certain degree of peace of soul."

At a Glance

How long will it take?

This retreat consists of 12 weeks.

When does it start?

This self-guided Ignatian retreat can be done asynchronously, however, we suggest starting on a Sunday.

How much does it cost?

The retreat itself is offered at no charge.  The only cost is the purchase of the retreat material.

What is the retreat format?

The retreat is made independently, however, we suggest small group faith sharing every week or every other week.