Our faculty and its members’ commitment to the success of our students is one of the most important elements that draws students to the BC Law community. Faculty are often happy to meet with students to provide advice and guidance. 

The 1L Faculty Advising Program matches every 1L with a faculty member who can provide advice and support as you plan your elective selection and in the spring, to provide support as you think ahead to your 2L courses. 
Matches are made during the first semester. Your 1L Faculty Advisor will meet with you in group and/or in individual sessions and will contact you to arrange a time to meet. Matches are not based on any particular criteria as we hope that all faculty will provide you with helpful advice and that often, multiple perspectives are useful as you make your decisions.  

As part of the general course selection process, there will be additional open sessions organized by Academic & Student Services to help you navigate this process. There are many people at BC Law who can assist you in this process including staff in Academic & Student Services, Academic Support and Career Services. You can also find faculty whose scholarship or experience matches your areas of interest and arrange a time to meet with them or visit office hours. You can find faculty by areas of scholarship/practice with the Fusion Search on the BC Law website. 

This is just one of the many relationships you will form with faculty and staff at BC Law, who are all committed to your success.