The James S. Rogers Collection Exhibit Cover

This exhibition features books donated to the Rare Book Room by Professor James S. Rogers. Professor Rogers, who retired from Boston College Law School in 2017, spent his years in academia teaching and writing in the areas of contracts, modern commercial law (particularly payment systems), the law of restitution, and the history of Anglo-American commercial law.

Professor Rogers started building his rare book collection when he was researching and writing The Early History of the Law of Bills and Notes (Cambridge University Press, 1995). Years of teaching law students and working on the Uniform Commercial Code led him “to the realization that something was amiss with the law of negotiable instruments [e.g., checks, promissory notes] as embodied in Articles 3 and 4 of the American Uniform Commercial Code.” Professor Rogers notes, “Ironically, concern for the future of commercial law led me to examine its past.” (Early History, xi)

The exhibit was curated by Laurel Davis and Katie Lewis. It will remain on view into July 2018. Please come in and take a look!  The exhibit catalog is also available to download.

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