The BC Law Library maintains a list of online companions to major U.S. law reviews. This tool is intended to give an overview of online publishing opportunities for faculty members. Search for a parent journal or companion by title, select your article's approximate word count to see what publications might accept it, or sort and browse by rank and submission method. If you manage one of the law review companions on this list, you can request changes to your listing using this Google Form.

  • Word count requirements may be flexible, and many law review companions don’t post minimum or maximum word counts.
  • Note that, unlike some parent journals, many law review companions accept submissions throughout the year.
  • Many law review companions publish responses to articles in the parent journal, as well as comments and independent essays.
  • Make sure to visit the links provided for full submission policies. If the answer to your question isn’t there, consider emailing the provided contact or reviewing past articles to get a better sense of what the journal is likely to accept.