Stuart House Dining

Stuart Dining serves the students, faculty, and staff of the Law School as well as the freshmen who live on the Newton campus. Stuart House offers a full menu of both freshly prepared and grab-n'-go items throughout the day. 

Stuart House is a special place because it offers an intimate dining experience in a mixed academic and residential setting. You will find that our staff quickly gets to know "the regulars" and are happy to meet their needs at every meal. Many upperclassmen who lived on the Newton Campus as freshmen come back to visit Stuart House a few times a year.

With stations* such as Signatures, The Grille, World Market, and Mozzarella's, Stuart House offers everything a guest could desire without the hustle and bustle of the larger dining operations. Stuart also features Peet's coffee, tea, gourmet beverages, and fresh baked cookies and pastries.

Stuart Hall