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The Most Important Advice I’ve Received about My Summer Job Search  Link to article
Along with every other 1L, I am applying for a summer job. I’ve been to networking events, workshops, panels, and how-tos. My notebook overflows with well-meaning advice and g...
February 06, 2023
Michael Deere
The Law of Everything  Link to article
A consistent theme of my past three years in law school has been the parallel between learning the law, and how both its practice and pretense have seemingly become the epicen...
February 02, 2023
Thomas R. Blakely
Student Org Spotlight: SALSA  Link to article
1) What is your name, year in school, and post-grad plans? Ayesha Ahsan, 2L, public interest law/civil rights litigation related to voting rights, criminal justice reform, rac...
February 01, 2023
Seung Hye Yang

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