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Legal Listening: How I Lawyer  Link to article
I’m the first lawyer in my family. I entered law school barely knowing what litigation was, let alone all the possibilities that the legal profession holds. While trying to le...
February 22, 2024
Sangeeta Kishore
Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Law School  Link to article
Deciding whether to go to law school can be a challenging question, but even after you make up your mind, you still have to decide where to go to law school – and that can be ...
February 21, 2024
Eddie Godino
Law School in Action: Civil Rights Clinic  Link to article
Boston College Law School gives its students a wide range of classes to take that are taught by some of the best scholars in the field. Yet, while learning about the law in a ...
February 19, 2024
Tess Halpern

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