Our Student Trainings

In addition to our regular for-credit courses, the T&R Librarians are committed to offering regular, short (typically 30 minute) sessions that help students hone their research skills for success in law school and practice. This builds on and supplements what you learn during Law Practice in 1L year and the elective advanced legal research courses for 2Ls and 3Ls.

Our goal is to provide you with tips and skills that save you time and help you create a better work product. These sessions also give you the opportunity to connect with the librarians who are here to help you with ongoing and future research projects during the school year and over the summer. 

We currently run two different series of workshops during the school year. Keep an eye on the training calendar, and bring a friend or your study group with you!

Demystifying Series

This series runs throughout both semesters and focuses on specific skills that we’ve noticed enable students to be more efficient and effective legal researchers and law students. Past sessions include: 
Leveraging Study Aids for Law School Success

  • Demystifying Legal Citation and the Bluebook
  • Tips & Tricks for Statutory Research
  • So You’re Writing a Research Paper?
  • Demystifying Sources of Law Through Rare Books

Impress Your Employer Series

This series typically runs during March and April as students are looking ahead to their summer job placement. The sessions focus on the most useful skills in particular practice settings so that you can hit the ground running and impress your supervisors at your summer job. Past sessions include:  

  • Corporate Practice Research (SEC filings, precedent documents, practical guidance)
  • Research on a Shoestring: What To Do Without All Those Law School Databases?!
  • Regulatory Research: Dealing with Agencies & Regulated Industries 

Suggestions and Requests

Do you have suggestions for future workshops? Would you like to schedule a customized training session for your study group or clinic colleagues? Shoot us an email at lawresearchhelp@bc.edu, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Research Trainings

If you are starting a research assignment or need training on specific research topics or databases, the research librarians have developed resources to help. We have created 50 Research Guides on a range of legal research topics and offer a variety of live research training sessions throughout the academic year, along with on-demand trainings. Check out all of our upcoming T&R Live Trainings and available on-demand trainings below.


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