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Boston College Law Review

Ranked in the top 25, BCLR is our oldest scholarly publication, and covers national topics with prominent outside thinkers and BC Law students in eight yearly issues. 

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Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest

Concentrating on contract disputes, torts, bankruptcy, and more, the Digest serves as a comprehensive tool for practitioners to research case law on various commercial topics. 

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Archived Reviews

Environmental Affairs Law Review 

Previously ranked as the 10th environmental journal in the country, EALR shaped discussion of today’s most pressing environmental laws and policies. This subject area is now covered by BCLR.. 

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International & Comparative Law Review 

ICLR was one of only 30 reviews in the US to focus on international legal affairs and one of the few that published an annual survey of EU law. This subject area is now covered by BCLR.

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Journal of Law and Social Justice

JLSJ published scholarship on issues affecting US and global populations underserved by the academy. This subject area is now covered by BCLR. 

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