Parking on the Newton Campus

Students who park on campus are required to purchase a graduate student parking permit. This permit allows students to park in white line spaces only.


BC Shuttle

The BC Shuttle can be a great way for students who don’t own a car to get to and from the Law School. For detailed routes and current schedules, please visit the BC Transportation Shuttle Bus page.

Law School Express

The Law School Express shuttle runs four times in the morning directly from the Reservoir T stop in Cleveland Circle to the Law School, making a few stops along Chestnut Hill Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue. The Express shuttle also runs twice in the afternoon, making the same trip in reverse. Please note that the Express shuttle does not run on the weekend or during the summer.

Newton Campus Shuttle

The Newton Campus Shuttle makes regular trips between the Newton Campus and the Chestnut Hill Campus.

Commonwealth Avenue Shuttle

The Comm. Ave. Shuttle makes regular trips between the Chestnut Hill Campus and Cleveland Circle,stopping on campus and along Commonwealth Avenue and Chestnut Hill Avenue.

Summer & Holiday Schedules

BC Shuttle service is much less frequent during holidays and over the summer. Be sure to check the current Summer or Holiday schedule on the BC Transportation Shuttle Bus page.


MBTA / Public Transit

To get to the Law School using public transportation, students can take either the B Train or the D train, both on the MBTA’s Green Line.

B Line

  • Take the B train outbound to the Boston College T stop; this is the last stop on the B line.
  • Connect to BC’s Newton Campus Shuttle:
    • Continue walking up Commonwealth Avenue to the shuttle stop, located at the Main Gate of the Chestnut Hill Campus.
    • Make sure to get on the Newton Campus shuttle, which goes directly to the Law School (located on the Newton Campus). Do not get on the Commonwealth Avenue shuttle.

D Line

  • Take the D train outbound towards Riverside and get off at the Newton Centre T stop.
  • Walk 15-20 minutes up Centre St. to the Law School.
  • OR take the MBTA’s 52 bus up Centre St. from Newton Centre. Make sure to check the 52 bus schedule; it often runs infrequently.