Dual Degree

See the Dual Degrees page for information on the various opportunities we offer that combine learning experiences from different schools and institutions.

International Exchange

Bucerius Law School Program (Hamburg, Germany)

The program in International and Comparative Business Law is taught in English in the fall semester to a group of 90 students from all over the world. In addition, students whose knowledge of German is sufficient may take courses in the school's regular curriculum.

ESADE (Barcelona, Spain)

The school's exchange program hosts students (primarily from the U.S. and Western Europe) during the fall semester. Students take an Introduction to Spanish Law course taught in Spanish, and otherwise pursue elective courses in Spanish, English, or a combination of the two.

Paris HEAD Exchange (Paris, France)

Students participate in an exchange program with HEAD law school in Paris, France, and work at placements with businesses and law firms, as well as participate in a seminar.

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentine (UCA) (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

During the fall semester, BC Law students may take courses of their choice in the regular curriculum, in Spanish, alongside their Argentinean counterparts.

International Joint Degree

Bucerius JD/LLM Program

When to apply:
Students enter the Bucerius LLM program after successful graduation from BC Law. The program offers both a tuition discount and expedited review of applications from specially selected BC Law graduates. The Bucerius program is open to applications from both BC Law students in the final semester of their third year and recent BC Law graduates.

Scholarships/Tuition discounts:
Applicants to the LLM program compete for BC-Bucerius Scholarships, offering significantly discounted tuition at Bucerius. BC applicants are also able to apply for a living expenses grant and several outside funding sources.

Housing/other requirements:
Bucerius offers students several housing options, from dorms to private homes and a Law School villa. Students are also free to rent apartments in Hamburg. EU regulations require the student have one year’s work experience, which can be prior to or contemporaneous with their JD. Successful applicants must meet Bucerius matriculation requirements.

For more information, contact: Kent.Greenfield@bc.edu.

Sorbonne JD/LLM Program

When to apply:

Upon completion of all requirements at the end of their third year, BC Law students who enroll in the Sorbonne Program will receive both the Boston College Law JD degree and the Paris I LLM. Students may register for an additional year in Paris and join the Master I and/or, in some cases, the Master II degrees in Law.


The program is open to BC Law students who are fluent in French (spoken and written) and who have completed four semesters in residence at Boston College Law School. In addition, students must complete all BC Law graduation requirements by the end of their second year of JD studies.