Career Development for Graduate Students

Trivium is a free, comprehensive self-guided program designed specifically for graduate students in the liberal arts and sciences. Through this program, you will reflect on the critical skills that you’re developing as a graduate student and identify your career interests and values. Trivium provides a space for you to hone your ability to communicate your strengths, interests, and the value of your graduate training to employers. Advance your career journey with Trivium!

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Summer 2021

Class Years

All master’s and doctoral students are welcome



How to Register

Registration will open in May 2021

Complete Trivium on your own schedule

Trivium will be available on Canvas. Within each phase, there are subsections that include readings, videos, discussions, and 2-5 interactive tasks. Most tasks will take 20-60 minutes to complete. Additionally, there are more in-depth optional activities focusing on various aspects of your career development that you’d like to spend more time developing.

It is designed to be completed on your own schedule. While we encourage you to work through the full program in sequence, we recognize that, depending on the stage of your graduate program, you may want to focus on specific resources and sections depending on your needs. 


Boost Your Resume

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to add this experience to your resume to showcase the skills you gained.


Learn how Trivium works, join a career cluster, and register for Handshake and ImaginePhD

Phase 1

What brings me joy?

Example activities:

  • Take a self-assessment to identify your interests
  • Conduct informational interviews with alumni

What am I good at?

Example activities:

  • Identify areas to advance your oral/written communication
  • Take an implicit bias self-assessment
  • Complete Google Analytics beginners course
  • Build a project tracker
  • Complete a self-assessment on problem solving

What does the world need me to be?

Example activities:

  • Complete a workview-lifeview exercise
  • Craft a mission statement
Phase 2

Communicating Your Skills and Experience

Example activities:

  • Create and update your resume/CV
  • Write sample cover letters
  • Practice interviews for academic and non-academic careers

Applying Your Skills

Example activities:

  • Complete virtual work experience on Forage
  • Identify projects and opportunities to apply your skills


Example activities:

  • Craft your elevator pitch
  • Conduct informational interviews with alumni and professionals
  • Identify networking opportunities in your discipline
Phase 3

Set Your Goals

Example activities:

  • Create SMART goals
  • Connect with a career coach
  • Add Trivium to your resume