Prepare for Your Search

There is no single way to find a job or internship. Your search will be unique to you and your goals. The Career Center is here to partner with you on your way to finding a meaningful career. The resources on the following pages will help you launch your job or internship search, prepare your application materials, interview, and evaluate offers. 

Launch Your Search

Prepare to Apply


Put your best foot forward with a concise summation of your skills, education, goals, and experience.

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Cover Letters

Introduce yourself to a potential employer while demonstrating your communication skills and professionalism.

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Your Online Presence

A carefully crafted LinkedIn profile can help you establish connections and explore companies and industries.

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Put yourself out there by setting up informational interviews or talking with acquaintances about your career goals.

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Whether it's in person or by phone, brushing up on interview etiquette will help you make a great impression.

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Evaluating an Offer and Salary Negotiation

Learn how to evaluate a job offer and negotiate for the salary you deserve.

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