Rock Your Interview

Congratulations, you've been invited to interview for a position! Now is your time to shine and the Career Center is here to help you. We’ve compiled guidelines on everything from how to prepare, what to wear, and how to write a thank you note. 

Types of Interviews

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviews are the most common type of interview you will encounter. They require you to discuss your past experiences by asking you to provide specific examples of how you have demonstrated certain behaviors, skills, and abilities. 

Case Interviews

Case interviews are used by consulting companies and other firms to assess your problem-solving abilities. Interviewers in these situations will observe your thought process and assess your confidence and communication skills under pressure. 

Technical Interviews

Technical interviews require candidates to demonstrate a particular skill set or knowledge that relates to the job, such as writing code for a computer programming position. They are commonly used for roles in science, technology, and engineering. 

Practice Interviewing on Big Interview

Build confidence in your interview skills through free access to this online platform. You can record yourself answering questions that are tailored to specific industries, roles, or skills. 

Access Big Interview


Virtual Interviewing

In our new virtual world, you will find that most, if not all, organizations will be conducting virtual interviews. There are two types of virtual interviewing used in today's industries—live video and pre-recorded video. While there is some overlap, each one is unique and therefore will require different forms of preparation. We have compiled some tips for each for you to review. 


Prepare to Interview

During the Interview

After the Interview

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