Design Your Career and Life

Are you exploring potential careers or majors? Not sure where to start? We can help!


Our career coaches help you think about career and life planning in a structured way. Through the basics of life design, you can learn how design thinking mindsets like curiosity, prototyping (trying stuff), reframing problems, and asking for help can help you design and build your career in the face of all the unknowns. You can start this process by asking yourself what gives you joy, what you are good at, and what you can offer the world.

Meet Your Career Coaches

Our career exploration coaches are here to help you get started, work through feelings of doubt, talk through your ideas, and connect with specialized industry resources when you are ready.


Career Exploration Process

Using the framework of life design, these steps will guide you through an iterative process of discovery, action, and reflection to empower you to design a life of meaning and purpose.


Designers emphasize the necessity of collaboration during the design thinking process. After each career exploration step, it’s important to reflect on what you learned—what excited you, what you’re curious about, what you didn’t like, etc., in order to feel more confident moving forward. Having sources of support is invaluable in your career journey; consider discussing your journey with career coaches, advisors, faculty, and peers.

Programs to Help You Explore

Students at Envision


For Sophomores and Juniors

Endeavor provides you the opportunity to explore the fit of a few careers of interest by providing space to identify skills, network with alumni, and visit an organization within an industry. 

Students at Career Fair

Employer Engagement

For All Students

Engaging with employers through career fairs, networking events, campus recruitment, and internships can provide valuable insights and connections to help you make informed decisions about your career path.

Students at Envision

Designing Your Career Course

For Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

A one-credit hybrid course that provides you with structure to the career exploration and preparation process by guiding you through design thinking-inspired exercises.

Embrace Your Career Exploration

"Some advice to anyone of any age out there still exploring: Embrace it! Don’t fear it. Let it fuel you. Let it motivate you. Enjoy every second of this exploration phase because now is the time to ask all of the questions without having the answers.

You’re allowed to be a little lost. You’re allowed to be a little uncertain. Relish it! Relish the uncertainty and instead of seeing it as something obstructive see it as something that opens up a whole world of possibilities."

Nat Murcia, MCAS ’19

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