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The Career Center’s campus recruitment program brings hundreds of recruiters to Boston College each year to meet with and interview students for full-time jobs and internships. Participating organizations come from across the nation—representing a variety of industries and seeking students of all majors and disciplines. Opportunities are available through Handshake. 





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All Welcome

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How Campus Recruitment Works

Campus recruiting consists of three types of opportunities to connect with employers—information sessions, coffee chats, and interviews. By participating in campus recruitment, you will learn to:

  • Verbally explain how your experiences, skills, interests, and values relate to opportunities.
  • Demonstrate effective networking and/or interviewing skills through communications with alumni and professionals about your industries of interest.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in self-advocating for future opportunities and/or opportunities in the current workplace.

Information Sessions

Organizations will host information sessions to meet students and provide information about their organization and the positions for which they will be recruiting. Information sessions are open to any student to attend. 

Coffee Chats

Some organizations may offer one-on-one or small group coffee chats to candidates to share details about a department, the interview process, and to connect students with key employees, many of whom are BC alums.


Many organizations will also choose to post positions and interview students for open job and internship opportunities through the campus recruitment program.  All of these opportunities will be posted on Handshake.

It's important to note that many industries and organizations will not have recruiting practices that allow them to interview through a formal campus recruitment program, however they are still very interested in hiring BC students. Also, at different times of the year, campus recruiting activity will be heavier for some career fields than others. Check out our Jobs + Internships pages for more resources.

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