Signature Events for Everyone

The Career Center hosts smaller industry-specific fairs and networking events to connect Boston College students with alumni and employers. Fairs and networking events are an opportunity to discover different industries and organizations and make connections in person. All events can be found in Handshake.


2023 - 2024 Career Fairs and Networking Events

Career and Internship Fairs

The Career Center hosts career and internship fairs to connect students directly with employers looking to recruit Boston College talent. We host smaller, industry-specific fairs throughout the academic year for students with targeted interests. You can find all career fairs listed in Handshake.


Networking Events

The Career Center hosts industry-specific networking events throughout the year to provide students the opportunity to explore career fields of interest, gain insight, make connections, and build their network. Below is a summary of major networking events. You can find all events listed in Handshake. 


What is the difference between a career fair and a networking event?

While both events provide an opportunity to network and make connections, a career fair is designed to help students make connections with recruiters who are seeking to fill full-time or internship roles. Networking events are more informational and designed to help students explore career fields of interest. 

Networking event information

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