Throughout Endeavor you will be mentored and supported by an assigned Endeavor Fellow. Endeavor Fellows are highly trained student leaders and former program participants, who will help you reflect on your experience during the program and empower you to reach your goals after the program ends.

Meet Our Endeavor 2020 Fellows

Mariana Arellano

Mariana Arellano '21


Rachel Bheecham

Rachel Bheecham '21

Hannah Burke

Hannah Burke '21

Alexandra Coons

Alexandra Coons '20

Elizabeth Coughlin

Elizabeth Coughlin '20


Henry Dieckhaus

Henry Dieckhaus '20

Thomas Entwistle

Thomas Entwistle '20

Ben Fachetti

Ben Fachetti '20

Samantha Ferraro

Samantha Ferraro '20


Larissa Foy

Larissa Foy '21

Isabel Garber

Isabel Garber '21

Kendall Gleason

Kendall Gleason '21

Fusine Govaert

Fusine Govaert '21


Michael Haley

Michael Haley '21

Keara Hanlon

Keara Hanlon '21

Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson '21

Brooke Joyce

Brooke Joyce '20


Laura Keck

Laura Keck '20

Young Seok Kim

Young Seok Kim '21

Michael Malley

Michael Malley '21

Mahima Menghani

Mahima Menghani '21


Kathleen Morandi

Kathleen Morandi '21

Makenzie Morrison

Makenzie Morrison '20

Kevin O'Hara

Kevin O'Hara '20

Carys O'Kelly-Lynch

Carys O'Kelly-Lynch '20


Sofia Pedro

Sofia Pedro '21

John Piccard

John Piccard '21

Alec Reiss

Alec Reiss '21

Kieran Roth

Kieran Roth '21


Fatoumata Sall

Fatoumata Sall '21

Matthew Sharkey

Matthew Sharkey '20

Peiyi Wang

Peiyi Wang '21