Fund Your Unpaid Internship

The Eagle Intern Fellowship provides financial support to Boston College undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who obtain summer internships with organizations that are not able to provide a salary. By eliminating financial barriers, this program provides an opportunity for you to explore your career interests and experience the world of work.


For the academic year 2022-2023, funding is available for unpaid internships during the school year, while funds last.


Before you begin to apply:


Only students who have been designated by Boston College as needing financial aid are eligible for the Eagle Intern Fellowship.


If you have questions about your financial aid status, please visit the Financial Aid office page to view the options for getting your questions answered.




Class Years

Academic Year: all undergraduates on financial aid

Summer 2023: undergraduates on financial aid, returning in the fall


All Welcome

How to Apply

Summer 2023 Application Opens: January 31, 2023

Summer Early Deadline: February 27
Summer Regular Deadline: April 3
Summer Final Deadline: May 1


The Eagle Intern Fellowship is a monetary stipend to support the unpaid internships of students with demonstrated financial need. Stipends will vary in size depending on each students' financial need (as determined by the Boston College Financial Aid office) and the total hours you will work at your internship.

While we cannot guarantee that you will receive an EIF grant, 98% of the students who applied for grants for the summer of 2022 received one. NOTE that for EIF grants for internships during the academic year, funding is limited and is only available until the funds run out.

Important note to students on financial aid: After a student is awarded an Eagle Intern Fellowship for a semester or the academic year, the Financial Aid office will review their financial aid package to ensure that their aid will not be negatively impacted by the award. In rare instances, a student may not be able to accept an EIF grant without impacting their financial aid package.

2022-2023 Eagle Intern Fellowship Grants (including Summer 2023) Financial Aid Status:
High OR Medium Need **
Financial Aid Status:
Low Need ** (75% of High/Medium allocations)
Total hours worked during academic year OR summer is 300 or more
$4,400 $3,300
Total hours worked during academic year OR summer is between 200 and 299
$3,300 $2,475
Total hours worked during academic year OR summer is between 100 and 199
$2,200 $1,650
Total hours worked during academic year OR summer is between 50 and 99 $1,100 $825

** Financial aid status as determined by the Boston College Financial Aid office.

Eagle Intern Fellows also receive:

  • Individualized career coaching throughout your internship to help you make the most of your internship and connect your experience to future career goals
  • An opportunity to present about your experience to the Boston College community

By participating in the Eagle Intern Fellowship program, you will be able to:

  • Identify at least one skill you hope to incorporate into your career paths that aligns with the skills employers are seeking in recent college graduates.
  • Connect the skills, interests and values you are gaining at Boston College to specific opportunities of interest.
  • Articulate how you will become a person for others in your career field of interest.
  • Articulate 1-3 next steps in your career discernment and planning.

Key Dates:

Academic Year Application Closes: January 31, 2023 or while funds last
Summer 2023 Application Opens: February 1, 2023

There will be three deadlines for the summer application.

Application Information



Academic Year
January 31
Summer Early
February 27
Summer Regular
April 3
Summer Final
May 1

How to Apply

Important — Before you begin

  1. To be eligible for an Eagle Intern Fellowship, you must be receiving financial aid from Boston College. (If you have questions about your financial aid status, please visit the Financial Aid office page to view the options for getting your questions answered.
  2. For the academic year 2022-2023, students can apply for EIF as long as we have sufficient funding. Once our total funding allotment has been allocated, we will close the application for the school year. If and when this happens, students will be encouraged to apply for an EIF grant for the summer.
  3. You must secure an unpaid internship offer prior to applying to the Eagle Intern Fellowship
  4. Review the eligibility requirements to ensure you are eligible to apply and that your internship qualifies for funding.
  5. For the summer grants, you may only apply to one deadline.
  6. No late submissions will be accepted.

Submit a complete application

To apply, you will need to submit the following items:

  1. Online application and essay questions
  2. Letter of recommendation - strongly recommended but not required
  3. EIF Supervisor Verification Form (your internship supervisor must complete this form online)
  4. Resume


  • For academic year grants, applications will be considered as they are submitted. It may take up to two weeks to review your application from the time you submit a verified offer letter from the employer with your hours and weeks specified clearly.

  • Deadline for Spring semester Fellowship applications: Tuesday, January 31, 2023. 

  • Application for Summer Fellowship opens: Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

  • There will be three separate application deadlines (dates TBD) to accommodate students who receive their internship offers at different times.


Who is eligible to apply?

  • Who is eligible to apply for semester or academic year EIF grants? Open to all undergraduates who have been identified by the BC Financial Aid office as having "financial need".
  • Who is eligible to apply for summer EIF grants? Open to all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors (graduating in 2025, 2024, or 2023) who have been identified by the BC Financial Aid office as having "financial need".
  • Students must be in good academic standing with the university and must be matriculated in both the spring semester before and fall semester after the internship (seniors graduating in May 2023 are ineligible). Students studying abroad are considered actively enrolled.

What is the difference between Deadline 1, Deadline 2, and Deadline 3?

Deadline 1 provides an opportunity for students to potentially secure funding for their unpaid internship if they obtain their internship early on in the spring semester. If you apply and are not awarded the fellowship in the Deadline 1 process, you cannot re-apply to another deadline process. Applicants who do not submit complete applications (e.g. missing a resume, etc.) by Deadline 1 will be automatically folded into the Deadline 2 applicant pool, so long as they submit all outstanding documents.

Can I apply to more than one Summer deadline?

No, you can only apply to one summer deadline.

How are applications scored?

The Eagle Intern Fellowship is a highly selective opportunity, and students will be screened and chosen to receive the fellowship based upon the following criteria:

  • Strength and quality of responses to application questions
  • Strength and quality of resume
  • Strength and quality of EIF supervisor verification form from hiring organization detailing supervisor's name and learning goals, responsibilities, timeline of experience, number of hours
  • While a letter of recommendation is not required, a strong letter of recommendation can add important information about your qualities and your accomplishments. We strongly recommend you submit a letter of recommendation from a BC faculty member, staff member, or former/current work supervisor

How much funding will I receive?

The amount of funding depends upon the level of financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid and the total hours of the internship. See the Overview section above for details.

Can I Receive More Than One EIF Fellowship?

  • Yes, if you have already received an EIF fellowship, you can apply for another. However, priority will be given to students who have not previously received an EIF fellowship. In addition, grants are available only until funding runs out for that year. 
  • If you’ve previously worked at the same site for which you are currently applying for funding, you must clearly explain how the responsibilities of this new internship position are significantly different from your previous position.

  • If you are looking to extend your funding past the season you originally applied for, that may be possible, if funds are available. Please contact Peter Hunt,, to have a discussion about your situation.

What if I am not awarded the Eagle Intern Fellowship? Are there still options to secure funding?

Yes, but they will not be through the Career Center. There are several ways to proceed.

What if I don't have an internship secured by the deadline?

We do not accept partial or late applications. While we would love to extend the deadline even further, we know students who have secured an internship are waiting to find out if they have received funding before accepting their internship offer. Many employers are willing to expedite their decision-making process if they are aware that you are applying for funding from Boston College. You should follow up with the organization to indicate your timeline.

Please note: All application materials must be submitted by the deadline, regardless of circumstances. Applicants who upload “place-holder” offer letters or letters of recommendation in order to submit the actual documents after the deadline will not have their applications considered. It is up to you to ensure that you and your internship organization are able to provide all necessary materials on time.

For internships starting during the fall semester, there are no deadlines. For spring semester internships, the deadline is January 31, 2023. For summer internships, you can submit your application to any of the three deadlines.

What if I am studying abroad in the spring?

Students who are living abroad in spring 2023 are welcome to apply. The application process is all online through MyBC and allows flexibility of the student’s geographic location. If you are selected as an Eagle Fellow, we will work with you to obtain your pre-internship information and your disbursement. You can log into your Handshake account and schedule a virtual career coaching appointment with any specific questions.

What does a successful application look like?

A successful application will show that the applicant has reflected on how this internship opportunity will allow them to grow and better understand their professional skills and their career interests. Successful applications will also be clear: they will articulate the importance of their internship to their career goals and discernment and the skills they will develop during the internship. Successful applications will also have a strong resume, a strong letter of recommendation, and a clear offer letter from the organization.

Who can write my letter of recommendation if I choose to submit one?

Generally, a letter of recommendation should be a person who can speak to your skills, interests and experience, which may include an employer or supervisor, faculty or staff. Letters of recommendation should not be written by a peer (i.e. another undergraduate student) or a member of the applicant’s family.

Can Career Center staff provide assistance on the Eagle Intern Fellowship application?

Yes, we are here to help! If you have any remaining questions please schedule a career coaching appointment, visit us during drop-ins hours, or email for any further assistance.

Eligibility Requirements

Below are the eligibility requirements for the 2022-2023 Eagle Intern Fellowship. Please review in full prior to applying. For questions, contact the Career Center via email at

Student Eligibility

  • Students must be identified by the BC Financial Aid office as having "financial need" (Low, Medium, or High).
    • If you have questions about your financial aid status, please visit the Contact page for the Financial Aid office to view the options for getting your questions answered                    
  • Open to undergraduates in good academic standing with the university.
  • For summer internships, you must be matriculated in both the spring semester before and fall semester after the summer internship (seniors graduating in May 2023 are ineligible for summer 2023 EIF grants). Students studying abroad are considered actively enrolled.
  • For academic year internships, students can receive funding for semesters they are currently enrolled as undergraduates.
  • If you are looking to extend your funding past the season you originally applied for, this may be possible, if funds are available. Please contact Peter Hunt,, to have a discussion about your situation.
  • For the summer EIF stipend, students may only submit one application to one summer deadline for consideration.
  • Students who have previously been awarded the Eagle Intern Fellowship from the Career Center ARE eligible to apply for a second stipend. However, priority will be given to students who have not received an EIF grant in the past.
  • Students are ineligible if they are receiving any other BC funding for their internship.
  • If selected for the program, you will be required to complete any and all requirements for the Eagle Intern Fellowship Program which may include:
    • Attend a one-on-one pre-internship meeting with your career coach to discuss how to make the most of your internship
    • Complete mandatory check-ins with your career coach during your internship
    • Present about your experience to the Boston College community
    • Complete a pre- and post-internship survey

Internship Eligibility

  • Available to qualifying students working unpaid internships for during the academic year 2022-2023 or summer 2023, for a minimum of 50 hours.
    • Note: If you are unable to complete what is required of you, it is your responsibility to immediately notify the Program Coordinator in the Career Center via email ( Please Note: Failure to complete all requirements will negatively affect your compensation and will result in discontinuation of  your disbursement until such missing requirements are complete. In addition, you will lose Career Center privileges such as access to your Handshake account. Please remember the BC values and ideals that have been instilled in you.  
  • Only off-campus internships are eligible for Eagle Intern Fellowship funding. On-campus internships with Boston College faculty or staff do not qualify.
  • Internships must be unpaid. However, you may receive from your internship organization up to $250 per semester or $1000 for the summer in total compensation, including, but not limited to, monetary, transportation, food, gas, and housing and still be eligible to apply.
    • Note: This does not restrict students from pursuing other paid work experiences to supplement their living expenses over the summer beyond their internship. 
  • To ensure this is a meaningful experience, the internship must include established learning goals and supervision from an organization’s staff member on site. This should be demonstrated on your offer letter from your internship organization; see the sample offer letters here.
  • Remote or hybrid internships are eligible. All internships must still conform to the requirement that students work at least 50 hours. Likewise, students should still be communicating consistently with their internship supervisor(s) to assess progress on their goals and responsibilities. Independent and / or unsupervised internships will not be considered.
  • Internships at student-run start-ups and companies will not be considered.
  • A member of the applicant’s family cannot run or have a substantial management interest in the host organization nor serve as the applicant’s supervisor directly or indirectly.
  • If you’ve previously worked at the same site for which you are currently applying for funding, you must clearly explain how the responsibilities of this new internship position are significantly different from your previous position. Funding will not be granted for an internship that you have already done.
  • Pay-to-participate international or domestic internship programs coordinated through third-party vendors will not be eligible for funding (programs in which you pay a fee to complete an internship).
  • The internship must be unpaid and in compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act.

Application Resources

Application Grading Rubric

Criteria Percentage Ideal Submission
Career Exploration & Preparation 40% Student clearly and strongly articulates and provides clear examples of the steps they took, experiences that helped them discover their interest in this career field, resources they utilized; and showcased additional preparation for their application to the internship.
Articulation of Organizational Fit 40% Student clearly and strongly articulates why they decided to pursue an internship at this organization by providing examples of any of the following: connection of the organization's mission with student's goals; anticipated professional development opportunities; internship tasks and responsibilities that will provide insight into the career field; etc.
Resume 10% Professional-looking resume tailored to the industry and job; excellent use of industry language. Resume does not exceed 1-page and contains all necessary sections (header, education, experience, and +1 supplement section). Detailed but concise articulation of experiences through bullet points. No grammatical errors. Format is consistent and easy-to-read.
Letter of Recommendation (recommended, not required) 10% Outstanding letter of recommendation indicating flexibility, maturity, and readiness. Specific details are expanded upon and strong evidence of relationship referenced.

Application Tips from Past Eagle Fellows

Learn more about how to build a strong application from our past Eagle Fellows

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“My main piece of advice is to be honest. The questions are asking about your level of need so definitely do not be embarrassed to express any familial difficulties and why you need the stipend.”

Tallulah Manalo-LaManna, CSOM ‘22, 2020 Eagle Fellow, SuitUp

“Write with clarity and maturity. The reader should have a crystal clear understanding of what you’ve done, where you want to go, and how this upcoming summer can help you get there.”

Gabriella Haedelt, MCAS ‘21, 2019 Eagle Fellow, U.S. House of Representatives

“Be sure to clearly convey the opportunities for growth in your position…Think about the broad skills you have the opportunity to acquire and grow.”

Marissa Spletter, CSOM ‘22, 2020 Eagle Fellow, Equal Innovation

I couldn’t have done this internship without the Eagle Intern Fellowship. What [the Career Center does] for us is amazing. I really couldn’t have stayed here in Boston and built the connections I have now without their support.
2018 Eagle Intern Fellow Matthew Alvarado '20, Interned with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay; offered full-time position after graduation

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