Recognize Faculty and Staff at the Breakfast of Champions

The Illumination Awards honor staff and faculty who have provided a spark for students to discern their career interests and incorporate their goals into a broader sense of living a life of meaning and impact. Award recipients are recognized bi-annually at the Breakfast of Champions.

Illumination Award Winners

Amey Victoria Adkins-Jones, Theology Department
Joshua Allen, Carroll School of Management
Karen Arnold, Lynch School of Education
Samuel Bradley, School of Social Work
Nathaniel Brown, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, & Assessment
Patrick Byrne, Philosophy Department
Lindsey Camp, Connell School of Nursing
Yvonne Castenada, School of Social Work
Andrés Castro Samayoa, Lynch School of Education
Christine Caswell, Communication Department
Rachel Chamberlain, McMullen Museum of Art at Boston College
Edward Chazen, Carroll School of Management
Erin Curley, Academic Advising Center
Holly Deak, Chemistry Department
Julia Whitcavitch-Devoy, Lynch School of Education
Jaclyn Ford, Psychology and Neuroscience
Edward Frechette, Carroll School of Management
Gregory Fried, Philosophy Department
David Goodman, Lynch School of Education
Samuel Graves, Business Analytics
Nora Gross, Sociology Department
Katharine Hager, Undergraduate Admission
James Hairston, Campus Ministry

Cal Halvorsen, School of Social Work
Stephanie Jernigan, Carroll School of Management
Stacy Kaplan, School of Social Work
Marios Kokkodis, Carroll School of Management
Jeannine Kremer, Student Wellness Center
Jeffrey Lamoureux, Psychology and Neuroscience
Mandy Li, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, & Assessment
Belle Liang, Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology
Joshua Littenberg-Tobias, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, & Assessment
Sean MacEvoy, Psychology and Neuroscience
Jasmine Mahoney, Office of Residential Life
Carol Mann-Cohen, School of Social Work
Jon Marcus, Journalism Department
Paula Mathieu, English Department
Christina Matz, School of Social Work
Lyndsey McMahan, School of Social Work
Kenneth Metz, Chemistry Department
John Michalczyk, Art History, and Film Department
Lujuana Milton, School of Social Work
Sara Moorman, Sociology Department
Tim Mulvey, Center For Student Formation
Kelsey Norwood, English Department
Kara O'Sullivan, School of Theology & Ministry, Continuing Educ.

Alejandro Olayo-Mendez, School of Social Work
Gokce Olcum, Economics Department
Emily Pilowa, School of Social Work
Marissa Papula, Campus Ministry
Stephen Pope, Theology Department
Kevin Powers, J.D., Woods College of Advancing Studies
Maggi Price, School of Social Work
Carolyn Romano, School of Social Work
Karen Rosen, Psychology Department
Richard Rossi, Campus Ministry
Mike Sacco, Center for Student Formation
David Scanlon, Teaching, Curriculum, and Society
Maureen Simmons, Academic Advising Center
Scott Slotnick, Psychology and Neuroscience
Ximena Soto, School of Social Work
Leah Spencer, Alumni Relations
Danielle Taghian, Biology Department
Edward Taylor, Carroll School of Management
Mike Teodorescu, Carroll School of Management
Anthony Tran, Communications Department
Lewis Tseng, Computer Science
Dunwei Wang, Chemistry Department
Masayuki Wasa, Chemistry Department
Celeste Wells, Communication Department
Timothy Williams, School of Social Work

How to Nominate

Who's eligible?

Any BC faculty or staff member who works in a non-career services role

Who can nominate?

Students, recent alums (up to 2 years post-grad), faculty, and staff

How to Submit

Submissions for the 2024 Illuminations Awards are open now via the form below

2024 Nomination Form


Examples of how an Illuminator may have helped a student include:

  • Explore career options or research a specific career field
  • Connect students with alumni or other professionals in their field(s) of interest to explore interests or pursue a job/internship
  • Gain hands-on experience through a project, research, internship, or other experiential learning activity that will translate to a future career
  • Prepare for job or internship interviews
  • Provide graduate school advice and/or application support
  • Develop professional or technical skills needed in the workplace
  • Connect with career resources or programs at Boston College or beyond
  • Supported their pursuit of a career goal

In addition, Illuminators demonstrate the following attributes that align with the Career Center’s values:

Illumination Awards Recipient

Director, Career Education and Strategy, Rachel Greenberg, awards Lujuana Milton of the School of Social Work with an Illumination Award.

Student-Centered Approach

Guide students to make choices that are deeply rooted in the students’ best interests and empower students to pursue professional opportunities and relationships that will be meaningful to them.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Recognize that each student is an individual that holds multiple identities and has had unique life experiences. Create an inclusive environment where all students feel valued, supported, and empowered.

Sense of Possibility

Encourage students to pursue their goals with optimism, to think boldly, and to greet new ideas openly.

Hear from a Student

Kaylee Drew

Kaylee Drew, LSEHD '22

"I decided to nominate my supervisor for an Illumination Award because I wanted to formally thank her and recognize her for supporting and inspiring me. Her excellence in her own work and her dedication to uplifting me has inspired me greatly and set the example of how I hope to be as an aspiring professional. I know that I would not be where I am today without the support of my supervisor, so I was thrilled about the opportunity to nominate her for an Illumination Award so that she could get the recognition she deserves."

Hear from Staff

Maureen Simmons

Maureen Simmons, Assistant Director, PreHealth Programs

“Being nominated for the illumination award was a humbling experience for me personally as I took time to reflect on how many students I have worked with the past 7 years, across the gamut, from prospective freshmen, to current undergrads,  and also with numerous alumni, in my role as Assistant Director in the Pre-Health Program.  Our entire team is so dedicated to helping each student discern their path forward and to discover the best fit toward a future career which embraces  their interests, talents, and attributes."

Hear from Faculty

David Goodman

David Goodman, PhD., Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and External Relations, LSED

"I feel tremendously honored to participate in the lives of my students as they launch into their work in this world. It does not feel like labor to be joined to these amazing people and to witness where they are being planted. It brings me great joy and deep meaning to be a part of their journeys. So, when I received this award, it took me by surprise. That they thought to express their gratitude through this recognition means more to me than I can express."

Nomination Process



  • Students, recent alums (up to 2 years post-grad), faculty, and staff will be able to nominate faculty/staff
  • Students and recent alums can nominate more than one faculty or staff member.
  • The nomination form requires:
    • First name, last name, and email address of the nominator.
    • Whether or not the nominator wishes to share their identity with their nominee(s) or remain anonymous.
    • Nominee’s role on campus (faculty or staff), first name, last name, email, department, job title, what topic(s) they helped their nominator with (see list above).
    • A paragraph that provides specific examples of the impact the Illuminator had on the nominator’s career decisions and development (e.g. What has this individual done to mentor you through your decision-making, search, and/or graduate school planning process?). Nominators will be asked to indicate if/how their nominee has demonstrated the Career Center’s shared values of student-centered approach, DEI, and sense of possibility.
      • Note: These excerpts will be shared with each nominee.
  • Career Center leadership will review all nominations and determine which faculty and staff will receive this award.

Nomination Review Criteria

  • Is the nominee eligible (e.g. a faculty or staff member who works in a non-career services role within or beyond the BC Career Center)?
  • Has the nominator provided clear evidence that the nominee helped them with their career development and planning?
  • Has the nominator provided clear evidence that the nominee demonstrated a student-centered approach, a focus on DEI, or a sense of possibility?

How to Submit

Notifying Recipients

  • After reviewing all nominations and selecting the award recipients, the Career Center will notify via email the nominee of their recognition and invite them to the recognition event towards the end of the spring semester.