Recognize Faculty and Staff Champions

The Illumination Awards recognize Boston College faculty and staff who have provided the spark for students to discern their career interests and pursue paths where they can serve the world.


Who's eligible?

Any BC faculty or staff member who works in a non-career services role

Who can nominate?

Students, recent alums (up to 2 years post-grad), faculty, and staff

How to Submit

Submit nominations by Monday, March 28

Submit Nominations


Examples of how an Illuminator may have helped a student include:

  • Explore career options or research a specific career field
  • Connect students with alumni or other professionals in their field(s) of interest to explore interests or pursue a job/internship
  • Gain hands-on experience through a project, research, internship, or other experiential learning activity that will translate to a future career
  • Prepare for job or internship interviews
  • Provide graduate school advice and/or application support
  • Develop professional or technical skills needed in the workplace
  • Connect with career resources or programs at Boston College or beyond
  • Supported their pursuit of a career goal

In addition, Illuminators demonstrate the following attributes that align with the Career Center’s values:

Student-Centered Approach

Guide students to make choices that are deeply rooted in the students’ best interests and empower students to pursue professional opportunities and relationships that will be meaningful to them.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Recognize that each student is an individual that holds multiple identities and has had unique life experiences. Create an inclusive environment where all students feel valued, supported, and empowered.

Sense of Possibility

Encourage students to pursue their goals with optimism, to think boldly, and to greet new ideas openly.

Nomination Process



  • Students, recent alums (up to 2 years post-grad), faculty, and staff will be able to nominate faculty/staff from the start of the spring semester in January through March 28.
  • Students and recent alums can nominate more than one faculty or staff member.
  • The nomination form requires:
    • First name, last name, and email address of the nominator.
    • Whether or not the nominator wishes to share their identity with their nominee(s) or remain anonymous.
    • Nominee’s role on campus (faculty or staff), first name, last name, email, department, job title, what topic(s) they helped their nominator with (see list above).
    • A paragraph that provides specific examples of the impact the Illuminator had on the nominator’s career decisions and development (e.g. What has this individual done to mentor you through your decision-making, search, and/or graduate school planning process?). Nominators will be asked to indicate if/how their nominee has demonstrated the Career Center’s shared values of student-centered approach, DEI, and sense of possibility.
      • Note: These excerpts will be shared with each nominee.
  • Career Center leadership will review all nominations and determine which faculty and staff will receive this award.

Nomination Review Criteria

  • Is the nominee eligible (e.g. a faculty or staff member who works in a non-career services role within or beyond the BC Career Center)?
  • Has the nominator provided clear evidence that the nominee helped them with their career development and planning?
  • Has the nominator provided clear evidence that the nominee demonstrated a student-centered approach, a focus on DEI, or a sense of possibility?

How to Submit

  • Nominations must be submitted using the online form by Monday, March 28.

Notifying Recipients

  • After reviewing all nominations and selecting the award recipients, the Career Center will notify via email the nominee of their recognition and invite them to the recognition event towards the end of the spring semester.