Catholic Education

Catholic Education

Boston College’s roots are in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the 2,000-year Catholic intellectual tradition, and the faith experience of St. Ignatius Loyola, who founded the Society of Jesus in 1540.

At LSEHD, the Catholic concept of formation is foundational to our educational and religious heritage. We are dedicated to integrating intellectual excellence, a commitment to research, and service to society.

Our Devotion

LSEHD is the top-ranked Catholic school in U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of graduate schools of education. We prepare Catholic school teachers and leaders and conduct extensive research and professional development in Catholic school settings, from pre-K through higher education.

We are dedicated to:

Our Jesuit, Catholic Identity

Our initiatives, research, and programs are animated by the core Jesuit, Catholic beliefs that inspire our mission, and by Ignatian pedagogical cycles of experiencing, reflecting, and acting.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Our approach to Catholic education is galvanized by collaboration across disciplines and perspectives. Lynch School students can pursue interdisciplinary dual-degree programs with Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry, Law School, Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, and School of Social Work.

Formative Education

In the Jesuit tradition of formation, the intellectual, social, and spiritual dimensions that make a person whole are interconnected. A commitment to educating the whole person is at the heart of our holistic vision for Catholic education.

Building a More Just World

Our efforts and initiatives in Catholic education are guided by a steadfast commitment to working for a more equitable world and caring for the poor and vulnerable. We empower teachers, scholars, educational leaders, and students to discern and promote equity and social justice through their work.

We strive to bring core strengths of Catholic education, like the centrality of moral and spiritual development, into education more broadly.
Stanton Wortham, Charles F. Donovan, S.J., Dean

Values-Driven Research

Our faculty conduct groundbreaking research on formative education, faith formation, leadership, and Catholic-school curriculum and instruction from a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, including theology, sociology, applied linguistics, psychology, measurement, and educational studies. This research sheds light on Catholic educators’ most promising insights and practices to enrich the lives of young people and facilitate their holistic development.

As a Catholic research university, Boston College prioritizes rigorous research that deepens our collective knowledge and understanding of the unique contributions of Catholic education, and in any given academic year, the University supports 10 to 20 research studies focused on Catholic schools and colleges. 

Through robust interdisciplinary scholarship, our faculty members strengthen the field of Catholic education locally, nationally, and globally, employing empirical and conceptual approaches to explore the full spectrum of the human condition. We are commited to forming scholar-practitioners who can engage critically with both theory and empirical evidence and apply them to their own contexts to advance the greater good.

Catholic educational research at the Lynch School is supported through the Warmenhoven Family Endowed Fund for Collaborative Teaching and Research in Catholic Education (a gift of Daniel and Charmaine Warmenhoven P ’05). This endowed fund provides resources for Lynch School faculty to address issues facing Catholic schools and supports faculty and graduate students in research priorities identified by the Lynch School Catholic Education Committee.

What unites our diverse work is the underlying aspiration to enhance the human condition, to expand the human imagination, and to make the world more just.
Mission statement, Carolyn A. and Peter S. Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Catholic Partner Schools

St. Columbkille Partnership School students on their playground

Archdiocese of Boston Partnership

The Lynch School has partnered with nearly 20 schools in the Boston Archdiocese, including St. Columbkille Partnership School—the designated laboratory school of the Lynch School of Education and Human Development. We are dedicated to enhancing opportunities for teacher training, educational research, and professional development.

Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools (TWIN-CS)

A program of the Roche Center for Catholic Education, TWIN-CS—a national network of 21 dual-language Catholic schools—implements a two-way, immersive model of instruction. Founded in 2012, the network supports member schools with a summer academy, monthly webinars, and professional learning gatherings led by national dual-language experts. 

Living the Mission

Boston College helps its students connect their talents and strengths with the needs and opportunities of wider society through classes, curricula, and student formation efforts at every stage of their intellectual, social, and spiritual journeys.

Teacher Education Programs

M.Ed. in Jesuit Education in a Global World

Lynch School of Education and Human Development

This online master’s program prepares students to be excellent teachers in the Ignatian tradition, grounded in the Jesuit values of social justice, formation, and reflection. Students emerge ready to thrive as Ignatian educators in a range of international contexts. They take part in Global Perspectives courses as well as an optional trip to Spain and Rome to trace the footsteps of the early Jesuits.

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps (UCTC)

Lynch School of Education and Human Development

UCTC is a rigorous, experientially rich formation program that prepares teachers to serve students in urban Catholic schools. Members pursue a fully funded, stipended M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction at the Lynch School, and after graduation complete a two-year teaching practicum in Boston’s Catholic schools.

Certificate in Religious Education

School of Theology and Ministry

Intended for educators in Catholic high schools and catechists in parishes who want to concentrate their knowledge, this 18-credit certificate program draws on STM’s tradition of expertise in religious education. Interested students can expand their knowledge and skills by exploring specific areas of ministry, or a range of theological and pastoral topics.

Master’s Degrees at STM

School of Theology and Ministry

STM offers three master’s degrees to prepare students for careers in service to the church and world: M.A. in Theology and Ministry, Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.), and Master of Divinity (M.Div.). Many of our graduates work at Catholic schools, as theology teachers, campus ministers, and administrators, and are well prepared for compassionate and mission-driven leadership.

Educational Leadership Programs

Professional School Administrators Program (PSAP) 

Lynch School of Education and Human Development

PSAP provides an opportunity for educational leaders to earn a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership through a three-year, cohort-based program at the Lynch School. Although the program is designed for all educational leaders interested in pursuing doctoral study and superintendent licensure, leaders of Catholic schools and diocesan school offices have had particular success in the program.  

Catholic Leadership Cohort (CLC)

Roche Center for Catholic Education

Each year, a select group of educators is accepted into the Roche Center’s Catholic Leadership Cohort, part of the Lynch School’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership and Policy program. Over 20 months, CLC members take courses online, participate in formation experiences, and develop as leaders.


Fellowship and Micro-Academies

Lynch Leadership Academy

The yearlong LLA Fellowship equips school leaders to improve outcomes for students in under-resourced communities with rigorous professional development, individualized coaching, and an intensive summer institute. The off-campus Micro-Academies focus intensively on executive and educational leadership in 3–4 full- or half-day sessions, workshops, and coaching. 

Higher Education Programs

Catholic Higher Education Certificate

Explores the historical, sociological, and cultural dynamics at the intersection of religion and higher education. Students examine the contemporary role of religion in the academy, the rise of secularism, and challenges to the integration of faith and intellectual life.

M.A. in Higher Education

The only master’s degree in higher education with a concentration that prepares students to shape the policies and intellectual life of Catholic colleges and universities while supporting students in their own journeys of faith and spiritual development.

Executive Ed.D. in Higher Education

The country’s only program to offer a concentration in Catholic higher education administration. Formative activities, coursework, and professional development, prepare students for leadership at 21st-century Catholic colleges and universities.

Professional Development Programs

Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education (IACHE)

Lynch School of Education and Human Development

A four-day seminar held each July, IACHE provides a singular opportunity for administrators and leaders of Catholic colleges and universities around the globe to interact with outstanding scholars and practitioners as they address the most pressing issues facing contemporary Catholic higher education today. 

Emmaus Leadership Academies

Roche Center for Catholic Education

The 10-month Emmaus Leadership Academies are built around four critical domains of Catholic school leadership: Catholic and mission identity, governance and leadership, academic excellence, and operational vitality. Participating Catholic school leaders delve deeply into their domains of choice. Meanwhile, they receive executive coaching, participate in faith formation experiences, and develop as a community of leaders.

Superintendent Professional Learning Community

Roche Center for Catholic Education

This yearlong professional learning community—a collaboration between the Roche Center and Reverend Ronald Nuzzi of Catapult Learning—convenes leaders at the diocesan level for two in-person retreats and monthly virtual conversations on critical issues facing Catholic school superintendents.

Continuing Education at the Roche Center for Catholic Education

Roche Center for Catholic Education

In collaboration with leading experts and researchers at Boston College and around the world, the Roche Center offers innovative professional education opportunities to support Catholic educators in the sacred work of formation. Within a supportive communal context, participants are invited to reflect on pedagogy and on the personal and spiritual understanding of teaching and formation as a Christian vocation. 

Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies


The Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies seeks to deepen understanding and appreciation of the history, spirituality, educational heritage, and pedagogical approach of the Society of Jesus. It offers courses, workshops, publications, and scholarly symposia as well as collaborative opportunities for scholars from around the world to develop a network that promotes the expanding field of Jesuit Studies. 

Continuing Education at the School of Theology and Ministry (STM)

School of Theology and Ministry

STM’s Continuing Education program offers top-tier, noncredit theological and pastoral resources for Catholic educators in both English and Spanish. Resources include online courses, on-campus presentations, certificate programs, and digital learning tools such as podcasts and videos.


GRACE Initiative

Roche Center for Catholic Education

Global Researchers Advancing Catholic Education (G.R.A.C.E.) is a research-based partnership between colleges in Australia, England, Ireland, the U.S., and the International Office of Catholic Education in Rome with activities including scholarship and publications, lecture series, and exchange programs.

Undergraduate, Ph.D. & Ecclesiastical Programs

Experience, Reflection, and Action

Based on the three core Ignatian pedagogical practices, this Lynch School program introduces first-year students to formative education and helps them discern who they are and their role in the world.

Ph.D. in Theology and Education

This STM interdisciplinary program prepares future leaders and scholars, focusing on religious education that branches out into practical and pastoral theology. Students also take courses at LSEHD and the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences.

Ecclesiastical Degree Programs

STM offers three programs in the Catholic ecclesiastical degree progression: the Bachelor of Sacred Theology, Licentiate in Sacred Theology, and Doctorate in Sacred Theology.

Catholic Education Committee

Martin Scanlan

Chair, Catholic Education Committee
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Higher Education

Casey Beaumier, S.J.

Director, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies

Cristiano Casalini

Associate Professor and Endowed Chair in Jesuit Pedagogy and Educational History
Research Scholar, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies 

Charles Cownie

Director, Urban Catholic Teacher Corps
Director, Catholic Teacher Formation

Cristina Hunter

Assistant Director, Urban Catholic Teacher Corps

Michael James

Lecturer, Higher Education
Director, Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education


Deoksoon Kim

Associate Professor, Teaching, Curriculum, and Society

Meghan Lovett

Director, Continuing Education (STM)

Eileen McLaughlin

Leadership Coach, Lynch Leadership Academy


Andrew Miller

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Hosffman Ospino

Associate Professor of Hispanic Ministry and Religious Education (STM)

Amy Ryan

Assistant Dean, Field Placement and Outreach

Melodie Wyttenbach

Executive Director, Roche Center for Catholic Education

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