Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Secondary Education

A degree in Secondary Education from Boston College combines innovative theoretical approaches with firsthand experience working with high school students. Here you’ll learn how to think critically about education, how to teach various disciplines, and how to connect those disciplines to facilitate learning—all while applying your knowledge in local schools. This degree will lead to grades 8–12 licensure in STEM or 5-12 licensure in humanities (i.e., English and History).


When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to teach children in grades 8–12 (for STEM majors) or grades 5-12 (for Humanities majors). Our Secondary Education program features coursework that covers leading theories and strategies in child development, learning, and instruction.

In the classroom, you’ll focus on:

  • Child, adolescent, and young adult development
  • Theory and instruction in curriculum that educates diverse populations and meets the special needs of all children
  • Methods of teaching a range of subjects to a range of students from various settings
  • Classroom assessment


There are five components to the Secondary Education major:

1. Take the required core courses (27 credits).

2. Engage in two pre-practicum experiences (4 credits).

3. Complete one full practicum experience (15 credits).

4. Declare and complete a second major in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Acceptable majors: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Geoscience, Physics, English, History, or Mathematics. English and History majors will be endorsed for grades 5-12.

Required Courses

Required Courses

9 courses (27 credits)



Core Courses

CourseCourse TitleCreditsNotes




Child Development


The Educational Conversation





Family, School and Society


Reimagining Schools and Society

APSY2041Adolescent Development3 
Education and Development for Students with Disabilities3 
MESA1060Classroom Assessment3Take with EDUC2211 and EDUC2151 and EDUC2131 (Pre-prac #1)
EDUC2211Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
3Take with MESA1060 and EDUC2151 and EDUC2131 (Pre-prac #1)
EDUC6300-6304Secondary Methods Courses3Fall semester only. Take with Pre-prac #2
EDUC3323Reading Special Needs Instruction3Spring semester only. Take with Pre-prac #3 (optional)
EDUC6347Teaching Bilingual Students in Secondary Education3Jr. or Sr. standing

Required Practica and Undergraduate Inquiry Seminars

Practica and their corresponding undergraduate inquiry seminars must be taken at the same time.

Required Practica and Seminars

3 practica/seminars (19 credits)



Required Practica and Seminars

CourseCourse TitleCreditsNotes



Pre-Practicum #1

UG Inquiry Seminar #1

2Take with EDUC2211 and MESA1060



Pre-Practicum #2 

UG Inquiry Seminar #2 

2Take with EDUC6300-6304



Pre-Practicum #3 (optional: take with EDUC6300-6304 or EDUC3323)

UG Inquiry Seminar #3 (optional: take with EDUC6300-6304 or EDUC3323)

2Optional: Take with EDUC6300-6304 or EDUC3323
International Field Experience (optional)1 



Full Practicum (12 credits)

Senior Inquiry Seminar (3 credits)

158 courses in second major must be completed to enroll


Secondary Education


Secondary Ed Majors


Pre-Practicum Experiences


Full-Practicum Experience

Student Teaching

Professional experiences are composed of early field experiences, referred to as pre-practicum placements, and an immersive, semester-long full practicum experience.


Undergraduates complete two pre-practicum experiences, each in a different setting and consisting of one school day per week for 10 weeks. 

Full Practicum

Full-practicum experience is five days each week in the classroom for the entire semester. 


You are guided by a qualified school-based mentor and a University-based mentor.


Designed to meet the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's (DESE) requirements for endorsement from Boston College, leading to licensure.

Variety of Settings

Experience a range of urban and suburban public, private, parochial, and charter schools in Greater Boston.


We are an approved teacher preparation program by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Upon successful completion of the Lynch School of Education and Human Development's educator preparation program, students earn endorsement from Boston College for licensure in Massachusetts. For more information about educator licensure, including if you are seeking licensure in another state, please visit the Licensure Disclosure Page.


King Philip High School

English Teacher

Virginia Public Schools

History Teacher

Uncommon Schools

Science Teacher


Chongro Overseas Educational Institute

ESL Tutor and Adminstrative Assistant

Sharon Public Schools

ELA Teacher

St. Joseph's Preparatory High School

English Teacher


Cristo Rey Boston High School

Science Teacher

Acton-Boxborough High School

Physics Teacher

Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Associate General Counsel

Career paths chosen by previous graduates

The Lynch School has a long history of collaborative partnerships with Boston, Newton, and Brookline Public Schools, as well as with Catholic, private and charter schools in the Greater Boston area.

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