Applied Psychology Practicum

Applied Psychology Practicum

The Practicum in Applied Psychology allows students to experience a faculty-supervised professional work setting that equips them with the critical skills and knowledge necessary for continued occupational, educational, and personal advancement in Psychology and related disciplines. In addition, the Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology department fosters an environment in which students are encouraged to identify their values and vocational aspirations, apply their disciplinary training and knowledge to an increasingly complex world, and recognize their important role in society as members of a vital citizenry.

What is a Practicum in Applied Psychology?

Applied Psychology Practicum

The Practicum in Applied Psychology (APSY2152) is a course-based, credit-bearing experience that allows you to:

  • ENGAGE in an internship experience and gain pre-professional experience in a career field of your choice, while earning course credit
  • DEVELOP professionally and practice work related skills
  • REFLECT individually and with your classmates on future career possibilities
  • PARTICIPATE in activities and discussions to foster personal growth, discernment, and deepening critical consciousness, and facilitate meaningful learning and social change
  • GET COACHING from professionals to develop your best professional self and to increase your awareness of cultural as well as socio-political workplace and societal issues

You and your fellow students will reflect on your internship experience to identify and assess your growth in skills and experience, gain a broader appreciation of the discipline, and enhance your sense of civic responsibility.

Getting Started

Note to Students

Applied Psychology Practicum

This course is a transition from student to professional life. You are not only a BC student, but also will be a part of, and will represent, your practicum site. As such, you will be expected to meet standards of conduct in such aspects such as dress, language, ethics, accountability, and work quality. It is important to set the highest possible standards for how you perform in your professional life. In the professional world, getting by with the minimum simply is not enough. You should set high standards and plan to aim beyond the minimum requirements. This is not to say that you are expected to know everything. Asking questions and taking appropriate initiative can help you find your way in your practicum. Some good advice to remember throughout your practicum experience is to “be honest with yourself and with others” and to “do your best” (Baird, 2014).

For Prospective Sites

We are excited to work with you as a prospective site, please email us at to receive an invite to our site form and review the Site Guide below.

Applied Psychology Practicum Site Guide

In a very short period of time, our practicum student became an incredible asset to our team. She was engaged with our office, showed a genuine interest our work and our key stakeholders, and helped us with tasks that otherwise wouldn’t have been completed. We invited her to return as a paid student employee the following semester and helped her secure a summer internship.
Former Practicum Supervisor, Spring 2019

Selected Placement Sites

Boston Public Schools

Boston Area Hospitals 

BC Human Resources

BC Alumni Association

LEAD Inc. 

City of Boston

BC Innocence Project

Research Program on Children and Adversity

Make Fashion Clean

Cradles to Crayons

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