Interdisciplinary Majors

Interdisciplinary Majors

The Lynch School offers three interdisciplinary majors, based in two or more arts & sciences disciplines that are relevant to students in the Elementary Education, Applied Psychology and Human Development (APHD), and Transformative Educational Studies (TES) majors. The interdisciplinary majors are not available to students in Secondary Education.

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American Heritages

The American Heritages interdisciplinary major (9 courses/27 credits) is designed for students in the Lynch School of Education who are interested in the American heritage from the literary, social, and historical perspectives.

Mathematics/Computer Science

The Mathematics/Computer Science interdisciplinary major (10 courses/30 credits) is recommended for students who may have had four years of high school mathematics and wish to specialize in the area of mathematics and computer science, but who are not interested in the traditional mathematics major.

Perspectives on Spanish America

The Perspectives on Spanish America interdisciplinary major (9 courses) is recommended for students who may have had at least two years of high school Spanish and wish to develop Spanish language skills, coupled with a background in the historical, sociological, and literary traditions of Spanish American cultures.

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