The heart of UCTC will always be the love and sharing of gifts and self between the students, alumni, and staff that make up our community. The relationships cultivated between us as individuals and as a community are some of the greatest strengths of our program.

UCTC Graduate Assistant


Liam MacDonald

Liam MacDonald

Hometown: Dorchester, MA

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Siena College, History and Secondary Education

Graduate Institution and Area of Study: Boston College, M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction

Current Work: Graduate Assistant for UCTC; Teacher at Matignon High School

What attracted you to working with UCTC? "I was a member of UCTC's Cohort 20, Class of 2018, where I credit my personal, teaching, and spiritual growth to my two years in UCTC. I decided to work with UCTC when the opportunity arose to work on the Special Education Professional Development Initiative to help teachers grow in their ability to serve all learners."