Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology (CDEP)

Learn how to promote purposeful lives from the inside out in the Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology program. Together, these programs focus on advancing the science of the mind and improving the well-being of children and adults, spurring positive social change in the process.



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Applied Developmental & Educational Psychology, Ph.D.
<h3><b>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS </b></h3> <ul> <li>Through seminars, students build scholarly expertise in contemporary and classic psychology theory and evidence, with cutting-edge training in diverse research methodologies.</li> <li>Through close faculty mentorship, students conduct research that contributes to our cumulative scientific knowledge, and helps shape national and international practice and policy.  </li> <li>Students develop pedagogical skills and teaching experience as teaching assistants to faculty and by teaching their own undergraduate courses. </li> <li>Graduates are prepared to lead the field at top colleges and universities, policy centers, government agencies, and non-government organizations around the world.</li> </ul>
<p>Building the next generation of intellectual leaders in developmental and educational psychology who are pursuing research, teaching, and organizational leadership to improve the lives of children, families, and communities.<br /> </p>
Professor Researcher Policy advisor Government agency experts and leaders Non-government organization experts and leaders University administrators
Applied Psychology & Human Development, B.A.
<h3><b>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS</b></h3> <ul> <li>Integrated field placement that helps students identify their purpose, including future career and life aspirations.</li> <li>Four focus areas: Human Services and Health Sciences; Organizational Studies and Human Capital; Policy, Advocacy, and Community Change; Science of Learning.</li> </ul>
<p>Learn how human development and psychology connect with health and the workplace to improve communities, schools, and families.</p>
Research Assistant International Coordinator Business Associate Human Resources Coordinator Educator
Child and Family Health Certificate
<h3><b>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS&nbsp;</b></h3> <ul> <li>Flexible requirements so that students can customize their certificate.</li> <li>Proximity to mental health agencies and other academic institutions in Boston offers significant opportunities to enhance your career.</li> </ul>
<p>Increase your capacity to support the mental health of children and families as a counselor or educator.&nbsp;</p>
Counseling Psychology, M.A. & Theology & Ministry, M.A.
<h3><strong>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS&nbsp;</strong></h3> <ul> <li>Choose between a Master's in Mental Health or School Counseling as part of this program.</li> <li>Graduates are eligibile for Mental Health Counselor or School Counselor licensure in Massachusetts.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Combine strong counseling skills and exposure to spiritual direction in this dual degree that explores the pastoral dimensions of caregiving.</p>
Pastor Head of Campus Ministry School Counselor Mental Health Counselor
Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.
<h3><b>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS&nbsp;</b></h3> <ul> <li>Access to a breadth of top-notch practice opportunities in diverse mental health settings, including universities, schools, hospitals, and outpatient community mental health facilities.</li> <li>All students have opportunities to advocate for social justice through their research, clinical work, teaching, and outreach.</li> <li>Training begins right away with the unique First Year Experience program and continues through the Advanced Practicum.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Become part of the next generation of counseling psychologists who are poised to make critical advances that expand beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries and clinical settings.</p>
Psychologist Professor Researcher
Human Rights & International Justice Certificate
<h3><strong>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS </strong></h3> <ul> <li>Housed within the Center for Human Rights and International Justice.</li> <li>The Center’s Interdisciplinary Seminar in Human Rights and International Justice forms the foundation of the certificate program. </li> </ul> <p> </p> <p> </p>
<p>Learn to think critically within and across disciplines to better understand contemporary human rights challenges and offer thoughtful, effective responses.</p>
Mental Health Counseling, M.A.
<h3><b>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS </b></h3> <ul> <li>Students develop strong counseling skills, engage in reflective scholarship, and master scientifically informed best practices.</li> <li>Year-long practicum in community health centers, schools, hospitals, or treatment programs.</li> <li>Options for Massachusetts Licensure (60 credits) or Non-Licensure (48 credits) program track.</li> </ul>
<p>Prepare to serve the mental health needs of individuals, groups, communities, and systems across contexts and cultures, and to promote and advocate for social change.</p>
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Research Health Science Specialist In-home Family Therapist Substance Abuse Clinician Psychologist
Positive Youth Development Certificate
<h3><b>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS&nbsp;</b></h3> <ul> <li>Designed to benefit early- and mid-career youth development leaders.&nbsp;</li> <li>Students can take advantage of a practicum course to gain hands-on experience.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Learn about and utilize the Positive Youth Development model to support youth in diverse communities.</p>
School Counseling, M.A.
<h3>PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS</h3> <ul> <li>Program promotes a “whole child” approach to counseling where graduates consider both the in-school and out-of-school factors that impact students.</li> <li>Our 48-credit track meets current Massachusetts requirements for initial licensure.</li> </ul>
<p>Become an advocate who utilizes evidence-based practices to promote positive development for all children and adolescents.</p>
Elementary School Guidance Counselor Middle School Guidance Counselor High School Guidance Counselor College Admissions College Counseling


Program Coordinators

Doctoral Program Coordinator
Dr. David Miele

Bachelor's Program Coordinator
Dr. Elida Laski

Doctoral Program Coordinator
Dr. James Mahalik

Master's Program Coordinator (Mental Health)
Dr. Treniece Lewis Harris

Master's Program Coordinator (School Counseling)
Dr. Julie MacEvoy

Our faculty are leaders in their fields and active mentors—acclaimed scholars, teachers, and practitioners devoted to preparing students for careers in human services, counseling, research, education, advocacy, and policy.



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Practicums and internships enable graduate students to gain experience while helping people in community health centers, schools, hospitals, and treatment programs.

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