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Where Inquiry Meets Action

We’re committed to conducting inventive research—work that informs solutions to complex social problems and promotes the common good. 

Graduate and undergraduate students can research alongside our world-renowned faculty, whose expansive initiatives improve communities and influence local, national, and international education and policy. As they put their analysis into action, faculty members help guide students’ growth as critical thinkers, reflective leaders, and engaged citizens.

A Leader in Research

The Lynch School accounts for the largest percentage of research grant revenue among schools at Boston College—31.8% of the University’s total research dollars.

Meet Our Faculty

Our leading scholar-practitioners and dedicated mentors improve practice, shape policy, and prepare students to serve diverse populations around the world.


Educational Policy Analysis

Henry Braun

Seeking to increase opportunity in education, Henry Braun directs Boston College’s Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation, and Education Policy, an educational research organization.

Positive Mentoring

Belle Liang

Advance psychology through rigorous research and social justice—that’s the driving mission behind Belle Liang’s Youth Mentoring & Purpose Lab, a research and outreach hub.

Youth Development

Jackie Lerner

The 4‑H Study of Positive Youth Development—a survey of 7,000 adolescents across 42 states—is one of several longitudinal studies Jackie Lerner has overseen.

Research by the numbers


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Lynch School faculty tackle the most pressing educational issues facing children, schools, and communities. Through an impressive range of studies and approaches, our faculty promote healthy lives filled with meaning and purpose.

College Bound Program

Local high school students participate in College Bound, the Lynch School’s pre-collegiate enrichment program, led by Karen Marshall, Core Urban Outreach Instructor.