Lynch School Office of Undergraduate Programs

Jumpstarting Careers, Transforming Communities

The Lynch School empowers students to build a more just world by developing innovative approaches to urgent issues. We equip students to transform their lives and their communities through a variety of majors, minors, and certificate programs.

Service and study abroad trips, research assistantships, and 100+ partnerships with local schools, businesses, and community organizations provide opportunities for students to thrive as leaders and have a tangible impact. Our alumni improve the lives of children, families, and adults as teachers, psychologists, counselors, and other professionals in schools and community agencies.

Lynch School undergraduates are also welcomed into the greater Boston College community, enjoying access to a range of benefits that only a world-class institution can offer. 

Contact Us

The Associate Dean of the Lynch School Office of Undergraduate Programs, and the Lynch School Office of Undergraduate Programs monitor phones and messages everyday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Please call (617) 552-4204 to reach the office.

Julia DeVoy, PhD, MBA, is the Associate Dean of the Lynch School Office of Undergraduate Programs.

We also have a Lynch School Office of Undergraduate Programs email which is monitored every day from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Please email with any questions or concerns.

Student Voices

Meet the students who make the Lynch School a distinct community dedicated to collaboration, inclusiveness, and the common good.

What makes First Year ERA (Experience, Reflection, and Action), a yearlong seminar for freshmen in the Lynch School, unique is its focus on fostering vocational discernment, compassion, empathy, and care for others, intellectual inquiry, critical reasoning, and community in first year students.
Julia DeVoy, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Student Services

Through a variety of placements across Greater Boston, Lynch School undergraduates hone their teaching skills, shape classroom cultures, and acquire experience working with K–12 students.

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