About the Interactive Tools Pilot

We are excited to test two innovative digital tools to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for the classroom: Team-Based Learning and Interactive Presentations created by Educational Technology company Feedback Fruits.

Our goal is to evaluate the efficacy from the perspective of both students and faculty to understand if we should consider wider adoption. We are currently using several other Feedback Fruits tools, such as peer review, interactive discussions, and group evaluation in online courses.

Team Based Learning

TBL is a teaching approach is an evidence-based collaborative learning teaching strategy. For faculty it provides a ready made group learning experience that fosters engagement, interaction, and is proven to enhance student learning. For students it gives them the opportunity to apply their learning to practical discipline specific problems. The tool we want to pilot automates the grading, facilitates student groups, and provides the mechanics for a TBL exercise to run. 

Interactive Presentations

This tool connects your existing presentations to your Canvas site and allows you to engage students with with quizzes and discussions. This potentially allows faculty to offer automated credit for attendance and evaluate student learning during class time.  

Next Steps

If you are interested in piloting the use of these tools, we will be working with a limited number of faculty. We are looking for faculty who have existing content and activities that can be adapted to these tools. There will be 3-4 online working meetings throughout the summer, led by CDIL staff. We will send out a poll to see what works for everyone.

To learn more about the pilot please contact CDIL by June 24th, 2022.  


To learn more about the pilot please contact CDIL by June 24th, 2022.